Health Magazine’s 15 Minute Trampoline Workout

Health Magazine’s 15 Minute Trampoline Workout is led by trainer Tiffani Robbins from Bari Studio. This rebounder workout was short and sweet. I really liked it and it is a perfect add on to other rebounder workouts to help round out my morning workouts. This morning I used it in conjunction with AngieFitnessTV‘s Trampoline Extreme Lower Body Shred and they worked very well together. Tinffani’s workout starts with fast paced cardio and ends with lower body strength work. The only equipment you need is your rebounder. There is no music but I did Xtend Barre long enough that this wasn’t an issue. I just searched for “rebounder playlists” on Spotify and hit play. I actually discovered a great cover for Tracy Chapman’s Fast Car. Someone named Jonas Blue and it was a great song to bounce to.

Health Magazine’s 15 Minute Trampoline Workout has no warm up and the last 30 seconds is a stretch.

  1. Bounce down (remain in partial squat and do hops); add hopping forward and back while swinging arms forward and back; return to bounce down in the center of the rebounder
  2. Jumping jacks; changes to double jacks
  3. Scissor runs with arms swinging in opposition
  4. Bounce down; changes to “surf twist” (continue bounce down but while keeping torso facing forward, twist jump lower body to side then back to front)
  5. With legs pressed together, do fast bounce down squat hops; add hopping side to side (moguls) while raising and lowering arms in opposition
  6. Hop with knee pull, raising and lowering arms
  7. Bounce down
  8. Scissor runs
  9. High knee runs
  10. Alternate 4 bounce downs with 4 high knee runs
  11. Alternating front kicks while raising arms overhead and pulling arms down at sides (jack arms); arms change to tapping under thigh as leg kicks
  12. Alternate kicking legs out to sides
  13. Jumping jacks
  14. High knee runs with jack arms
  15. Alternating front kicks tapping hands under thigh as leg kicks
  16. Repeat #12
  17. Repeat #13
  18. High bounce (body is straight while bouncing)
  19. Stop bouncing and stand with feet shoulder width apart, do squats; hold at bottom of squat and pulse
  20. Squat jumps
  21. High bounce
  22. Uneven squat with side leg lift (one foot is on rebounder and one is on floor, lower into a squat and when you stand, raise leg on floor off of floor and raise it straight out to side); balance on rebounder leg, other leg is extended out to side, pulse straight leg up and down
  23. Stand behind rebounder, place one foot on rebounder so you are in a lunge, lower into lunge and as you raise up, lift back leg (floor leg) up straight behind you; balance on rebounder leg with back leg raised straight behind you, pulse raised leg up and down
  24. Repeat #22 & 23 on other side of body
  25. Tiffani sets the rebounder on one side so she can hold onto it for balance while standing (but you can use a wall or a chair), kick one leg forward then back; keep leg extended straight behind you and pulse leg; keep leg extended straight behind you, same side arm is extended straight in front of you, bend knee and bring it forward (keeping knee and ankle level) while bending arm to bring elbow to knee then extend arm and leg straight again
  26. Still holding on to something for balance, lift one leg straight to side; keep leg extended out straight to side with same side arm extended straight across body on a diagonal then pull knee in across body while twisting torso toward knee and pulling elbow back behind you
  27. Repeat #25 & 26 on other side of body
  28. Hamstring stretch
  29. Forward fold, cupping your elbows, swing side to side

For more info on Health Magazine Workouts and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


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