AngieFitnessTV: Kick Fit Cardio Kickboxing Zone

Cardio Kickboxing Zone is part of AngieFitnessTV‘s Kick Fit fitness program. There are 6 workouts in this series and I plan to do them all. I’ve already done Kickboxing Intervals and I loved it. Today I did Cardio Kickboxing Zone–loved it, too! These are awesome and excellent kickboxing workouts. This workout is heavy on the kicks–which I love! I know, I’m using the work “love” a lot but I loved this workout and I love Angie’s Kick Fit program so far.

This workout is mainly low impact. There is some impact but it is easily modifiable. Like I do with most of Angie’s low impact workouts, I did some things to increase the intensity. I wore an 8 pound weighted vest, one pound weighted gloves and one pound ankle weights. I got an excellent and fun cardio and muscle conditioning workout. I finished this workout about 2 hours ago and my legs are still feeling it. According to my FitBit I burned 216 calories, “walked” 2816 steps and was in my cardio zone 71% of the workout.

Cardio Kickboxing Zone is 31:06 minutes; 45 second intro, 4 minute warm up and 3 minute stretch. Equipment: weighted gloves and a fitness mat. Each exercise is done for one minute.

  1. Alternating front kicks
  2. March 3x + crescent knee; changes to crescent kick
  3. Repeat #1 starting with other lead leg
  4. Repeat #3 on other leg
  5. Side kicks
  6.  Jab-cross-jab + side kick
  7. Repeat #5 & 6 on other side of body
  8. Back kick + front tap
  9. 3 upper cuts + back kick
  10. Repeat #8 & 9 on other side of body
  11. Round house prep: bring leg up behind you, bend knee and grab top of foot then release; changes to round house kicks
  12. 3 cross punches + 1 round house kick
  13. Repeat #11 & 12 on other side of body
  14. Slow and gentle hitch kick (hitch kick is a jump kick–you raise one knee and jump as you kick with your other leg); changes to full hitch kick
  15. Repeat #14 on other leg
  16. Alternating front punches
  17. Upper cuts
  18. Alternating hooks

Core (get fitness mat):

  1. Full sit ups, tap knees as you raise then raise arms straight overhead at top of sit up and tap knees as lowering
  2. Pulse crunch
  3. Full sit ups again, raising arms overhead at top of sit up
  4. On one hip, same side elbow on ground, top hand is behind head, legs are raised and straight, bend knees and bring them into to chest, tapping top knee with top elbow then extend legs straight again
  5. Repeat #4 on other side of body
  6. Forearm plank hold; rotate into side elbow plank with top arm reaching to ceiling

For more info on AngieFitnessTV and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


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