AngieFitnessTV: Kick Fit Box & Sculpt

Box & Sculpt is part of AngeFitnessTV‘s Kick Fit program. This program contains 6 workouts and I plan to do all 6. This morning I did two of the Kick Fit workouts back to back: this workout plus Kickbox Jam. In addition, I’ve also previously done Box & Burn, Cardio Kickboxing Zone and Kickboxing Intervals. Overall this is a great little series/program. They are all 30 minute workouts that combine cardio kickboxing or boxing with some modality of strength work. And they are all different. They all include a warm up and stretch. Angie packs a lot into these excellent short workouts. She also sells a rotation calendar if you would like to do this series as a 4 week rotation. I purchased that calendar and may do some variation of it for my doubles workouts for a while. I do love these workouts!

Box & Sculpt is an excellent workout that packs a lot into 30 minutes. 10 minutes of cardio boxing that will give you cardio as well as work your upper body (particularly if you are wearing weighted gloves) and 10 minutes of total body strength work. In order to get the most out of the strength work, you need to really heavy up since it is only 10 minutes. The cardio boxing portion is done interval style: 40 seconds of punches + 20 seconds of a cardio blast. For the cardio blasts Angie shows low impact modifications. As for the strength portion, each exercise is done for one minute.

Since I combined this with another Kick Fit workout for an hour long cardio + strength workout, I wore my weighted vest and did the low impact modifications. I still got an excellent workout. Between the two workouts I burned 480 calories, “walked” 4195 steps and was even in my peak heart rate zone for 6 minutes of the workout. Though, according to the FitBit graph, I was in my peak zone during Kickbox Jam not this workout but this workout still worked me well and I was in my cardio zone during the cardio boxing and the standing portion of the strength training. I dropped into my fat burn zone during the floor portion of the strength straining. Due to recent shoulder surgery I also had to make some modifications to make the strength portion more effective for me. Angie uses a barbell at approx. 35 pounds but my left arm cannot handle that much unless it is for something like deadlifts or back rows and then it can handle more, so I used dumbbells for most of the exercises. I do have my barbell currently set up at 25 pounds right now and I used that for overhead presses, bicep curls and chest presses, but everything else I used dumbbells so I wouldn’t mess up my shoulder.

Box & Sculpt is 32:45 minutes; 1 minute intro; 5 minute warm up, 10 minutes of cardio boxing intervals, 10 minutes strength training and 5 minute stretch. Equipment: weighted gloves and weights (barbell and/or dumbbells). Angie is using a barbell and dumbbells. For her barbell, she says she has 30 pounds of plates on it. The actual barbell looks like the light variety (no more than 5 pounds) so it is between 32 and 35 pounds. Angie shows low impact modifications for all of the cardio exercises. I wore an 8 pound weighted vest and one pound weighted gloves.

Boxing (10 minutes):

  1. Jab-cross-hook-upper
  2. Jumping jacks
  3. Repeat #1 on other lead
  4. Jumping jacks
  5. Double jab + double cross; alternating upper cuts
  6. Jog
  7. Repeat #5 on other lead
  8. Jog
  9. Descend block, ascend block + 4 upper cuts (descend is bringing bent arm down from overhead, elbow angled high as if punching down at something near the opposite hip and ascend is like an upper cut but you are leading with the elbow and bringing the elbow high to forehead level)
  10. Jog
  11. Repeat #9 on other lead
  12. 2 cross punches (same arm) + 3 upper cuts
  13. Jumping jacks
  14. Repeat #12 on other lead
  15. Jumping jacks
  16. 2 hooks (same arm) + 2 back crosses
  17. High knee runs
  18. Repeat #16 on other lead
  19. High knee runs
  20. With legs wide do alternating front jabs

Strength Training (10 minutes):

  1. Barbell squats (Angie used her BB; I did goblet squats using a 30# DB)
  2. Deadlifts (Angie uses her BB and I used two 25# DBs)
  3. Deadrows (3 rows each time you are hinged forward) (Angie used her BB; I used two 20# DBs)
  4. Overhead press (Angie used her BB, I used my 25# BB)
  5. Bicep curls (Angie used her BB; I used my 35# BB)
  6. (Angie swaps out her barbell for 8 pound dumbbells) Straight arm lateral raises (I used 5# DBs)
  7. Lying chest press (Angie is using her barbell again; I also used my 25# BB))
  8. Chest flies (Angie is using 12# DBs; I used 12# for my right arm and a lighter DB for my left)
  9. Still laying on back, knees bent and feet on ground, hold one DB in both hands and do crunches (Angie is using one 12# DB)
  10. Push ups
  11. Elbow plank hold

For more info on AngieFitnessTV and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


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