AngieFitnessTV: Fit Over 40 Stretch & Let Go

Stretch & Let Go is Day 19 in AngieFitnessTV‘s Fit Over 40 program. Because it is part of a 30 day program, Angie schedules these long stretch and flexibility workouts for your rest days. I have been using them as add ons to other workouts to get an extended stretch. This is another nice, deep stretch workout. And just like Fit Over 40 Day 12 workout (Stretch & Unwind), it is a great little workout to use after a more intense workout that doesn’t include a cool down and stretch (or maybe an inadequate cool down and stretch), since the beginning is gently active, so it seconds as a cool down. This workout is made up of one approx. 11 minute stretch circuit. Then you repeat the exact same circuit. So if all you need or have time for is 11 minutes? Just do the first circuit–you are literally missing nothing since you are running through the exact same circuit again.

All of the workouts in this program are available for free on YouTube but Angie has a whole program that uses these workouts. There is a link below the YouTube workout that leads to a webpage about this 30 day plan. The plan itself costs $19.99 but the Fit Over 40 Workouts themselves are free on YouTube.

Stretch & Let Go is 22:50 minutes, Equipment: a strap of some sort (resistance band, a towel, yoga strap–whatever works)

  1. Stand with legs wide, strap held in both hands with about 2 feet of band between hands, reach arms overhead and lean side to side
  2. Extend arms/strap in front of you and rotate torso side to side
  3. Still hold band the same as in #1 & 2, still standing with legs wide, rotate torso so arms reach overhead, to the side, to the ground and up to the other side
  4. Repeat #1
  5. Repeat #3 but rotate in other direction
  6. Lean to one side, top arm is reaching to ceiling and holding one end of strap, other hand is reaching toward the ground holding the other end of the strap (so there is a lot of strap between your hands), pull strap with bottom hand to deepen the stretch
  7. Bring band behind you, one end in each hand, and open arms wide in a T, stretching chest
  8. Lay on floor, loop strap around one foot and hold both ends of the strap together in hands, extend that leg to ceiling and other leg is extended straight on ground; extend straight leg out to side; extend straight leg across body to opposite side
  9. Repeat #8 on other leg
  10. Loop strap around both feet, holding both ends of strap in both hands, extend legs straight to ceiling
  11. Strap is still looped around both feet, sit on bottom, legs extended straight in front of you and do a seated forward fold
  12. Set strap aside and do butterfly stretch
  13. Place one knee on floor, same side hand is also on floor, top leg is extended straight, foot on floor and top arm is reaching overhead and to the side, opening chest to ceiling
  14. Double kneel and take a deep breath, reaching arms overhead; reach both arms overhead, grip one wrist with other hand and do a side bend
  15. Repeat #1-14

For more info on AngieFitnessTV and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


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