Low Impact Cardio

Below is a list of Low Impact Cardio workouts. These workouts are either designed low impact, have low impact modifications or are very easy to modify yourself. Some of the titles listed below are programs or series that include multiple workouts on a single DVD. In those cases, all of the workouts in the program or on the DVD may not be low impact cardio workouts, but at least one of them is. Also listed are workouts that have premixes that are low impact cardio workouts.

Walk On: Walk the Weight Off (program)

Walk Strong 1 (program)

Walk Strong 3 (program)

The Firm Express (program)

Focus T25 (program)

Insanity: Max 30 (program)

TurboFire (program)

Kickbox Challenge (62:30 minutes)

Breathless Body 1: The Ultimate Calorie Burn (55 minutes)

Breathless Body 2: The Edge (54 minutes)

Breathless Body 3: HIIT it Big! (60 minutes)

Barlates: Feel Good Series (2 workouts: Cardio Sculpt 42 minutes and Cardio Stretch 36:30 minutes)

Barlates: Dynamic Flow/Active (28 minutes)

Barlates: Fusion Flow/Dynamic (25 minutes)

Barlates: Fusion Flow/Easy Cardio (24 minutes)

Barlates: Beginner Intervals/Ramp It Up (21:30 minutes)

Barlates: Beginner Intervals/Old School Aerobics (20:30 minutes)

Barlates: Beginner Intervals/Compound Moves (22:30 minutes)

Barlates: Beginner Intervals/Cardio Sculpt (21 minutes)

Barlates: Glide Cardio Sculpt (31:30 minutes)

Barlates: Sweat Series (3 approx. 30 minute workouts)

Barlates: Cardio Interval Tone 45/30 (29 minutes)

Barlates: Torch & Tone: Box (34:30 minutes)

Peace, Love & Cardio (30 minutes)

Reebok Step: The Video (46 minutes)

Simply Interval (42 minutes)

Fit Split (2 premixes: 27 & 44 minutes)

LITE: Rev’d Up Rumble (41 minutes)

LITE: Cardio Party (39 minutes)

ICE: Low Impact Sweat (46 minutes)

ICE: Chiseled Lower Body Blast (31 minute premix)

Ripped with HIIT: Low Impact HIIT (2 approx 30 minute workouts plus premixes from 27 to 51 minutes)

Low Impact Step (37:30 minutes)

Basic Step (30 minutes)

Strong & Sweaty Cardio Slam (50 minute premix)

X10 (one 26 minute workout + one 37 minute premix)

Xtrain: All Out Low Impact HIIT (39 minutes plus 22 to 53 minute premixes)

Low Impact Challenge (51 minutes plus 32-71 minute premixes)

Imax 4 (45 minutes plus 28-79 minute premixes)

Low Max (69 minutes plus 23-44 minute premixes)

Step Sync (56 minutes plus a 21 minute bonus plus 33-65 minute premixes)

To the Max (one 17 minute premix)

Crossfire (one 18 minute premix)

Cardio Supersets (42 minutes plus 26-63 minute premixes)

Cathe Live: Low Impact Cardio HIIT (34:30 minutes)

Cathe Live: Crush It/Low Impact (35:30 minutes)

Cathe Live: Hard Strikes Low Impact Boxing (58 minutes)

Cathe Live: Kickboxing Plus Core (50 minutes; this workout is not low impact nor does it have a designated modifier, however one of the class members is frequently shown doing excellent low impact modifications)

Cathe Live: Time to HIIT It Low Impact (38 minutes)

Cathe Live: Cardio Kickboxing, Low Impact HIIT and Abs (51:30 minutes)

Cross Train for Fitness (one 15 minute segment)

Total Body Balance (two 20 minute workouts)

Walk On: 4 Mile Power Walk (73 minutes or four 15 minute walks + warm up and stretch)

Walk On: 3 DVD Superset (5 approx. 30 minute walks)

Walk On: 10 Minute Quick Walk Mix (3 approx. 10 minute walks)

Walk On: 6 Mile Mix (3 approx. 15 minute walks + warm up and stretch)

Walk On: Walk Off Belly Fat (two workouts 41 & 57 minutes)

Walk On: 15 Minute Fast Fat Blasts (4 approx 16 minute workouts)

Walk On: 21 Day Weight Loss Plan (4 approx 30 minute workouts, one is cardio + sculpt)

Walk On: 5 Fat Burning Miles (5 approx 15 minute walks plus warm up and cool down)

Walking for Weight Loss, Wellness & Energy (two 30 minute walks plus warm and stretch)

Feel Good Fusion (35 minutes)

Total Body Balance (2 approx 20 minute workouts)

Burn Fat & Have Fun (3 approx 30 minute workouts)

Walking for Weight Loss, Wellness & Energy (two 30 minute walks)

JessicaSmithTV: 10 Minute Interval Walk

JessicaSmithTV: 12 Minute Indoor Power Walk

JessicaSmithTV: Stride & Step (36:30 minutes)

JessicaSmithTV: Latin Spice Walk (31 minutes)

JessicaSmithTV: Cardio Core Fusion Flow (31 minutes)

JessicaSmithTV: Steady State Cardio (30 minutes)

JessicaSmithTV: Power Walk (30 minutes)

JessicaSmithTV: Power Interval Walk (30 minutes)

JessicaSmithTV: Barefoot Fusion Walk (28:30 minutes)

JessicaSmithTV: Belly, Butt & Thighs Walk (16:30 minutes)

JessicaSmithTV: HIIT for Beginners/Kickbox Interval Training (23:30 minutes)

JessicaSmithTV: HIIT for Beginners/Walking Intervals (25:30 minutes)

JessicaSmithTV: HIIT for Beginners/Cardio Intervals (21:30 minutes)

JessicaSmithTV: Cardio Core Flow (25:30 minutes)

JessicaSmithTV: Ballet Body (28:30 minutes)

JessicaSmithTV: Cardio Dance Sculpt (61 minutes)

JessicaSmithTV: Cardio Barefoot Flow (37 minutes)

JessicaSmithTV: Kick Butt Kickboxing (35:30 minutes)

JessicaSmithTV: Cardio Mat Fusion #2 (35 minutes)

JessicaSmithTV: Kickboxing Ballet (29 minutes)

JessicaSmithTV: Cardio Mat Fusion #1 (32 minutes)

JessicaSmithTV: Kickboxing Ballet Body Sculpt (34:30 minutes)

JessicaSmithTV: 20 Minute Fat Burning Cardio Workout (20 minutes)

JessicaSmithTV: Cardio Ball Blast (30:30 minutes)

JessicaSmithTV: High Intensity Interval Cardio + Abs (27:30 minutes)

JessicaSmithTV: Feel Good Fusion (33 minutes)

JessicaSmithTV: Sunset Barefoot Walk (33:30 minutes)

JessicaSmithTV: Flat Abs Walk (40 minutes)

JessicaSmithTV: 1 Mile Fast Interval Walk (15 minutes)

JessicaSmithTV: 1 Mile Power Walk (20 minutes)

1 Mile Turkey Trot (12:30 minutes)

Wake Up & Walk (20:30 minutes)

Walk at Home: 5 Day Slim Down (five 14 minute walks)

Ultimate 5 Day Walk Plan (5 approx. 12 minute walks)

Mix & Match Walk Blasters (10 ten minute walks)

Walk Away the Pounds: Ultimate Collection (4 walks: 21:30 minutes, 32 minutes, 49 minutes and 57:30 minutes)

3 Mega Miles (50 minutes)

The Firm: Zip Trainer (two approx. 20 minute workouts)

The Firm: Zip Trainer/Firm & Cardio (two 20 minute workouts)

The Firm: Slim & Trim (41:30 minutes)

The Firm: Cardio Overdrive (47 minutes plus 25:30 minute premix)

The Firm: Ultimate Fat Burning Workout (41 minutes)

The Firm: Cardio Party (40:30 minutes)

The Firm: Super Cardio Sculpt (43:30 minutes)

The Firm: TransFirm Your Body (43:30 minutes)

The Firm: Calorie Killer (41 minutes)

The Firm: Time Crunch Cardio (3 twenty minute workouts, two are cardio + sculpt)

The Firm: Cardio Sculpt Blaster (32:30 minutes)

The Firm: Express Cardio (32 minutes)

The Firm: Cardio Core Fusion (55 minutes plus two 30 minute premixes)

The Firm: Fat Blasting Cardio (32 minutes)

The Firm: Express Total Body Shaping (32:30 minutes)

The Firm: Maximum Cardio Burn + Abs (53 minutes)

The Firm: Bootcamp Maximum Calorie Burn (51 minutes)

The Firm: Ultimate Calorie Blaster (45 minutes)*

30 Minutes to Fitness: Step Boxing 2 (2 approx. 30 minute workouts)

30 Minutes to Fitness: Cardio Quick Fix (2 approx. 30 minute workouts)

30 Minutes to Fitness: Cardio Sculpt Overload (one 29 minute premix)

Fight Cellulite Fast! (45:30 minutes)

Personal Training (two 13 minute cardio segments plus warm up and stretch)

Drop it in 30! (49:30 minutes or two 20 minute segments)

Killer Cardio (one 24 minute & one 25:30 minute workout)

One Week Shred (35 minutes)

Rapid Fire 2: Results (74 minutes plus 35 to 73 minutes)

Rapid Fire 3: Rock Steady Rock Hard (65 minutes plus 27 to 54 minute premixes)

All Systems Go! (62:30 minutes)

Med Ball Madness (57 minutes)

Tabata Bootcamp with Toys (5 approx 5 minute tabatas)

Xtend Barre: Lean & Chiseled (55 minutes)

PopSugar: 30 Minute Cardio & Sculpting Tabata Workout (31:30 minutes)

PopSugar: 15 Minute Bootcamp Workout (15 minutes)

PopSugar: Burn 300 Calories in 30 Minutes (29 minutes)

PopSugar: Super Shred Full Body Workout (21:30 minutes)

PopSugar: Cardio Jump Workout to Burn Major Calories (10 minutes)

PopSugar: No Running Cardio Workout (20 minutes)

PopSugar: Rock Your Bottoms Bikini Butt Workout (10 minutes)

PopSugar: Fat Burning Pilates (30 minutes)

PopSugar: 10 Minute at Home Cardio Sweat (10 minutes)

30 Minute Marching Workout with Cardio Bursts

March it Out (36 minutes)

Cardio Intervals (31:30 minutes)

Marching with Moves (30 minutes)

2019 New Year 2 Mile Walk (27:30 minutes)

1 Mile Disco Boogie to ABBA (14 minutes)

Get 2000 Steps / Fat Burning Walk (21 minutes)

2 Mile Dance That Walk // Happy Holiday Walking Workout 2 (29 minutes)

Power Walk the Pounds of 80s Style (15 minutes)

Power Walk the Pounds off 90s Style (13 minutes)

Low Impact Full Body HIIT Workout (31 minutes)

Low Impact HIIT Cardio + Legs Workout (40 minutes)

Low Impact Tabata Workout // No Equipment (10 minutes)

Low Impact HIIT Workout // No Equipment (16 minutes)

Low Impact Cardio for Beginners (19 minutes)

Burn Fat Fast // Low Impact Fat Burning HIIT Workout (33 minutes)

Low Impact Cardio + Abs Workout // No Repeats, No Jumping, No Equipment (23:30 minutes)

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