Cathe Live: All Low Impact Kickboxing, HIIT and Core

#301 All Low Impact Kickboxing, HIIT and Core is one of Cathe‘s pandemic live workouts–so just Cathe, no class. I feel like Cathe does a better job demonstrating the kickboxing combos when it is just her. I really enjoyed this workout and got a great calorie burn. In the course of the workout Cathe flubbed some of the combos–but that was after she had already taught them and we were running through the completed combo several times. But that happens in her live classes when she had a class behind her. It’s just so much cuter when it’s just Cathe. I flub the combos sometimes after I learn them–it’s just human. However, I didn’t have any issues with the combos in this workout–so no complicated choreography. But effective–and I am sure I got some total body conditioning as well since I weighed myself down with vest, ankle weights and gloves.

The structure of this workout is two kickboxing combos alternated with two low impact HIIT circuits. I have been doing a lot of AngieFitnessTV’s low impact kickboxing workouts and I always wear a weighted vest, weighted gloves and ankle weights to increase the intensity. But this is Cathe, not Angie… but it is still low impact. So I compromised. I wore a lighter vest (6 pounds instead of the 8 or 10 pound vests I wear in Angie’s workouts) but I still wore my 1 pound gloves and my 1 pound ankle weights. I got a great cardio workout with with my additional accoutrements. My stats: I burned 407 calories, I was in my cardio heart rate zone 58% of the workout, I was in my peak zone 17 minutes and I walked 4136 steps. Not bad when 14 minutes of the workout was core work and a stretch.

I am not going to break down the kickboxing combos but I will break down the HIIT circuits and the core work.

All Low Impact Kickboxing, HIIT and Core is 51 minutes; 8:30 minute warm up, 11 minutes core and 3 minute stretch. Equipment: fitness mat and optional weighted gloves. As mentioned above, I also wore a weighted vest and ankle weights. I removed everything for the core work.

The first 18 minutes (including the warm up) is low impact kickboxing.

HIIT #1 (4 minutes):

  1. Squat digs with directional changes
  2. Puddle jumpers (wide/low side steps) with a hop/lift after each side step
  3. Windmills
  4. Repeat #1-3

8:30 minutes low impact kickboxing.

HIIT #2 (6 minutes–this is longer because Cathe forgot the last exercise the second time through the circuit but then remembered it before moving on, so you not only get a long break but she makes you do the last exercise longer because you got such a long recovery!):

  1. Ice breakers
  2. Double side steps with single punch after each double side step (side steps are low and wide); changes to circling straight arms as you double side step and instead of a punch, lift outside leg to side
  3. Ground and pound in lunge position
  4. Repeat #1-3

1 minute cool down.

Core: (11 minutes)

  1. Start sitting on mat, legs extended in front of you with knees slightly bent, arms extended overhead, lean torso back slightly and hold 4 counts then roll down flat on mat, arms touching floor overhead then roll all the way back up to starting position; when holding for 4 counts add raising one leg then the other leg
  2. 2 reverse crunches + pilates press (full reverse crunches, lifting hips and pushing legs over your head (so not straight to ceiling but on an angle), bend legs to lower them but then extend them straight a few inches off the floor–that equals 1 reverse crunch; for the pilates press, lay on back with head/shoulders raised, legs extended straight and raised a few inches off the floor, arms are straight at side and raised off floor, straight arms press up and down as they do in a pilates 100)
  3. Lay on back, legs extended straight on on mat, hands behind head, do basic crunch with upper body, raising one straight leg when crunching, alternate legs with each crunch; continue this move but extend one arm straight over head and only raise and lower same side leg with each crunch
  4. Sit on one hip, back leg is bent with foot on floor, other/bottom leg is extend straight on a diagonal, bottom hand is on mat and arm is straight, top arm is raised to ceiling, from this starting position, raise hip and bottom leg, touching top hand to foot when it raises then lower hip/leg while raising arm again (barely tap hip/leg to mat before raising again)
  5. Side to side tap outs (sit on bottom, torso leaned back slightly, knees bent and feet raised off ground, lean onto one hip (same side hand is on the floor beside hip for support) and tap side of foot with other hand, alternate sides)
  6. Straight arm plank knee circles (just like it sounds, in straight arm plank you will circle one knee–think crescent knee in plank)

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