AngieFitnessTV: Power Walk 2 Miles + Upper Body Sculpt

Power Walk 2 Miles + Upper Body Sculpt is an interesting little mash up from AngieFitnessTV. It appears to have been filmed in 4 separate segments that were not initially planned to be used together. But nevertheless it works. The first segment is a 1 mile cardio walk using no equipment though I wore my 8 pound weighted vest. The second segment Angie is wearing 2.5 pound ankle weights (5 pounds total). I also added my 2.5 pound ankles weights. The third section is upper body strength training. And the final section is dynamic stretching/cool down. There are no actual breaks between segments but at the bottom of the screen words appear alerting you that you will need to change equipment so I used my pause button to add/remove things.

If you follow this blog you know I recently had shoulder surgery and am limited to using only one arm when working out. That affected how I approached the upper body strength training. I only did the exercises on one arm. I could have lifted heavier on some of the exercises if I had been using two arms. The reason for this is on some of the exercises you alternate arms. I obviously could not so I did every rep on the same arm–so double the amount of reps. You do each exercise for one minute so for the single arm back rows I did 2 minutes on the same arm. Needless to say, my right upper body got a nice little strength workout. I had to substitute 2 exercises since I can not do tricep dips or planks and I noted below in the break down the exercises I used as substitutions.

Power Walk 2 Miles + Upper Body Sculpt is 53 minutes; the first 32 minutes is a low impact cardio walking, the next 15 minutes is upper body strength work and the final 6 minutes is a dynamic stretch. Equipment: ankle weights and dumbbells. I also wore a weighted vest.

The first 16 minutes is a 1 mile cardio walk. Like her other walks you are doing basic cardio walk moves: marching in place, heel digs, step side to side, wide marches, alternating knee raises. At the 16 minute mark you put on ankle weights for the next mile which also lasts 16 minutes. You are doing all of the same basic moves that were done in the first mile. In addition, you do low front kicks, hamstring curls, side leg lifts and sumo squat walks. Most of the moves during the 32 minute 2 mile walk have an associated arm movement.

At the end of the 2 miles you will grab some hand weights for upper body strength work. Angie is using 8 pound dumbbells. The dumbbell weights listed below are what I used. Each exercise is done for one minute.

  1. Bicep curls (10# DB)
  2. Hammer curls (10# DB)
  3. Alternating upright rows (8# DB)
  4. Single arm back row (18# DB)
  5. W (wide) bicep curls (10# DB)
  6. Hammer curl to overhead press, alternate arms (12# DBs)
  7. Single arm upright row into overhead press, alternate arms (10# DB)
  8. Single arm side raise, alternate arms (5# DB)
  9. Single arm front raise, alternate arms (5# DB)
  10. Hold arms in goal post and do single arm overhead press, returning arm to goal post at bottom of move, alternate arms (8# DB)
  11. Chest fly (12# DB)
  12. Pullovers (12# DB)
  13. Tricep dips (I substituted skull crushers with a 10# DB)
  14. Lay on stomach and raise one arm and opposite leg and hold briefly, alternate sides
  15. Forearm plank hold; add alternating back stroke arms (I substituted single arm rear delt fly with an 8# DB)

For more info on AngieFitnessTV and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


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