Six Pack Standing Abs Workout

Six Pack Standing Abs Workout is a nice little finisher workout from Heather Robertson. As the title indicates it is a standing workout for your core. Heather is using a set of 2 pound hand weights and I did, too. This workout moves non-stop. Even though there are no complicated or difficult moves, it will elevate your heart rate. And if you use this as a finisher like I did, and you are already sweating from working hard, then this will keep your heart rate elevated and the sweat flowing. At least it did for me! So it will give you a short bit of low impact cardio, too.

The exercises in this workout are done interval style: 30 seconds of work with no rest between exercises. There is a timer in the lower right hand corner of the screen counting down your intervals. When there is 10 seconds left of an exercises, a video appears in the upper right hand corner, previewing the next exercise.

Six Pack Standing Abs Workout is 14:14 minutes; no warm up and 1:10 minute stretch. Equipment: light dumbbells an a fitness mat. The mat is only used for the stretch at the end. Heather is using 2 pound dumbbells.

  1. Side bends (one hand is behind head and other arm is hanging at side, bend toward arm hanging at side)
  2. Twist and kick (both hands are behind head, do one knee raise, bringing opposite elbow to touch knee + one straight leg front kick, reaching opposite hand to touch foot when it raises)
  3. Knee drive (reach arms overhead to one side, do single knee raises while chopping hands/DBs down across body to hip as knee raises)
  4. High knee crunch (alternating knee raises, raise arms overhead and pull both elbows down as knee raises)
  5. Repeat #1-3 on other side of body
  6. March & twist (alternating knee raises, hold DBs together in front of body, elbows extended out to sides, as knee raises, twist torso/DBs toward leg)
  7. Repeat #1-6 two more times

For more info on Heather Robertson’s workouts and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


6 thoughts on “Six Pack Standing Abs Workout

  1. I did this one after doing Caroline’s beast mode hamstrings and glutes … or should I say hamstrings and G-L-U-U-U-T-E-S because she hit the butt muscles hard. Lots of hip lifts. I used 50lb this time and found it more doable than I thought it would be. I used 35lb for my lower weight. So that wasn’t far off from what Caroline used (I think she was 55 and 38) and that makes me one happy girl!

    I finished it with the standing weighted ab workout from Heather that you did last weekend. Had I done an upper body workout today, that one would have been more of a problem for me because definitely there was a little bit of an endurance factor moving them around the way she did. But I definitely liked it and will do it again.


    1. 50 pounds for the hip thrusts! You are a beast, too! That is still way beyond what I am able to do. Awesome work! I previewed Beastmode Hamstrings & Glutes. Looks awesome. I don’t when I will get to it though. Maybe sometime in September.


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