30 Minute Marching Workout with Cardio Bursts

This workout caught my eye on YouTube when I did a search for walking workouts, so I decided to give it a try. I have never heard of Jenny Ford. She is very cute and has great energy! This wasn’t an advanced or tough workout, but Jenny seemed to be working hard. She did this in conjunction with SelectHealth. I don’t know what that is but when I google it, all I see is health insurance. This is made up of low impact cardio with short bursts of higher impact/more intense cardio. But very doable, nothing super intense. And if you want all low impact, just skip the bursts. I did it for a doubles workout and I enjoyed it. I am not looking for something super intense or HIIT level after work. I just want to add some cardio and steps to my day and this fit the bill perfectly.

Jenny has 3 exercisers with her. For a free YouTube workout, this was filmed pretty nicely. In the bottom right hand corner of the screen there is a tracker that counts down the percentage of the workout until you hit 100% at the very end. Jenny has a lot of workouts so you will probably be seeing more reviews appear here.

30 Minute Marching Workout w/ Cardio Bursts is 30 minutes; 3:30 minute warm up and 3:30 minute cool down/stretch.

  1. With legs wide, do alternating knee raises; add a hop (power skips)
  2. March forward and back
  3. March in place with legs wide
  4. Hamstring curls; add a hop
  5. Alternating knee raises with legs wide
  6. Jog in place
  7. Hamstring curls
  8. Lateral skater hops
  9. March forward and back
  10. Alternating front kicks with alternating front punches
  11. Alternating hop kicks (looks like a skip)
  12. Repeat #9
  13. March with legs wide and arms bent in guard; stop marching and rotate arms/torso side to side (keep his forward); increase speed of arm/torso rotations to double time; changes to upper cut punches; changes to double time upper cuts
  14. Wide squats; remain in squat and pulse
  15. Repeat #9
  16. Boxer shuffle with speed bag arms
  17. Jog in place with jump rope arms
  18. Repeat #9
  19. Step touch side to side
  20. Step tap with legs wide; add reaching arm across to opposite side; changes to reaching arms overhead on a diagonal; changes to bicep curls angled to side while continuing to rotate torso to side with each tap
  21. Repeat #9
  22. Step touch side to side
  23. Pony step/hop
  24. Repeat #9
  25. Wide alternating knee lifts; changes to insole taps; add hops
  26. Repeat #9
  27. Wide alternating knee lifts
  28. Single knee repeaters; add a hop
  29. Repeat #27
  30. Repeat #38 on other leg

For more info on Jenny Ford‘s YouTube workouts and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page


3 thoughts on “30 Minute Marching Workout with Cardio Bursts

  1. Jenny has a lot of step classes on Youtube. I think she is primarily known for that. Some of her classes have tricky choreography. I am glad you are pretty much back to normal 🙂


    1. I am not a fan of tricky step choreography. I did see she had a lot of step workouts. I will have to view a few to see if they interest me. She has some strength training ones and a few more cardio walks that interest me though.


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