The Firm: Ultimate Fat Burning Workout

Ultimate Fat Burning Workout is a pink Firm and is led by Alison Davis. This is a really great cardio workout. Not the most intense cardio I have ever done–high steady state. I did this workout and finished it off with a Firm Express cardio workout (20 minutes) and in an hour my FitBit says I burned over 500 calories. This workout never pushed me into my peak heart rate (the Firm Express workout did though) but I was in the high cardio range throughout. It was enjoyable, too. Primarily low impact and the few jumps can be easily modified. Every cardio circuit combo is built in layers and before anything is done high impact it is done low impact, so just stick with the low impact version if you cannot do impact. There is no modifier in this workout but a modifier isn’t really needed. There is no complicated choreography. This workout is structured circuit style like most Firm workouts. The circuits are either cardio using no equipment or more metabolic work using light dumbbells to increase the intensity. The workout ends with some standing core work.

Ultimate Fat Burning Workout is 41 minutes; 30 second intro, 4 minute warm up and 3 minute stretch. The stretch contains some push ups and a plank hold. Equipment: 3-5 pound dumbbells. I used 5 pound dumbbells. I also used one pound weighted boxing grips for circuit 5, which is kickboxing cardio.

Circuit 1: it flows right from the warm up as if it is a continuation of the warm up but it is more intense; contains V steps, calf pumps, low jacks, 2 knees + 2 front kicks, squat jumps

Circuit 2: (dumbbells are used)

  1. Squats; add alternating one arm overhead press; add pivot to side when doing overhead press
  2. Alternating knee raise w/ overhead tricep extension
  3. Alternating forward lunges; add back rows
  4. Alternating front kicks; add front punches (w/ DBs)
  5. Alternating side lunges; add upright rows
  6. Alternating toe taps to side; add tricep/bicep press to sides
  7. Rear lunge w/ alternating bicep curls
  8. Repeat 1-7 two more times

Circuit 3: very dancy cardio, moves as they appear: chasse side to side; samba; cross step (Allie did this step in Aerobic Body Shaping but called it a box step); press step w/ a pivot; step side to side w/ one arm reach and pull down; V steps forward and back

Circuit 4: (dumbbells are used)

  1. Deadlifts; changes to deadrow
  2. Step squat side to side; add upright rows; changes to alternating upright rows
  3. Alternating forward lunges; add bent arm side raises
  4. Alternating side leg raises; add punches in front of you
  5. Alternating side lunges; add one arm row to side of lunging leg
  6. Front, side, front step; add bicep curl to bent arm side raise
  7. Reverse lunges; add alternating hammer curls
  8. Repeat 1-7 two more times, adding upper body moves immediately

Circuit 5: kickboxing inspired cardio, moves in the order they appear: shuffle + side kick w/ punch; add a knee pull + another side kick; add 4 knee pulls; bob and weave w/ front punches; upper cuts; jab-cross + knee pull; alternating front kicks w/ alternating front punches

2 minute cool down

Standing Core: one dumbbell

  1. Put on your weight on one foot, raise DB overhead to that side and pull DB down to opposite hip; add a knee lift
  2. Plie squats w/ DB hanging down between legs
  3. Continue plie squatting but hold DB at one shoulder and raise same side heel; add reaching DB overhead while leaning to side
  4. Hold plie squat isometrically, hold DB in both hands straight in front of you and twist DB to side, keeping hips facing forward
  5. Repeat 1-4 on other side of body

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