AngieFitnessTV: Cardio Step Boxing Intervals

Cardio Step Boxing Intervals is part of AngieFitnessTV‘s 15 Minutes to Fit Series. This series was created to use as finishers to other workouts. This is a great idea in itself but what makes it even better is that Angie creates all of the workouts in this series (26 workouts!–at least that is how many are in the playlist she created for her 15 Minutes to Fit Series) as true finishers–they all end with a 3 minute stretch! I have already done one of the her 15 Minutes to Fit workouts: Rebounder Cardio and I really enjoyed it. I’ve been doing so many of Angie’s other workouts that I am not sure why it didn’t occur to me to see what other workouts she had created in her 15 Minutes to Fit series. I am so glad it finally occurred to me. These are all really awesome little finishers. This morning I did Cathe‘s Fit Tower: Legs, Glutes & Core. Since I can’t do the Core portion because there are moves that will use my arm either through a plank based move or raising my arm higher than I am capable of right now (this is due to recent shoulder surgery), I did the legs only premix which is 35 minutes. Since I workout for approx. an hour every morning, I needed a finisher to round out my morning workout. Angie’s 15 Minutes to Fit workouts fit the bill perfectly.

This morning I did Angie’s Cardio Step Boxing Intervals. This is an interval workout that alternates boxing intervals with step intervals. Each exercise is done for 60 seconds. The intensity of the workout depends on you. Overall it is a low impact workout but for a few of the boxing moves you can add a boxers shuffle. But it’s not necessary. I wore a 6 pound weighted vest and a weighted glove on my good hand. I got a great little cardio finisher. Angie had her step at 8 inches. She recommends adding another riser (raising it to 10 inches) if you need more intensity. I also had mine at 8 inches, too but I might try it at 10 inches in the future. I am very excited about eventually doing all of Angie’s 15 Minute to Fit finishers–then using them regularly to finish off workouts.

Cardio Step Boxing Intervals is 18:45 minutes; 30 second intro, 3 minute warm up and 3 minute cool down/stretch. Equipment: weighted gloves and a step bench set up vertically. Angie’s step is set at 8 inches.

  1. Alternating front punches with boxers shuffle
  2. Basic step on and off step
  3. Alternating hooks
  4. Repeat #2 with other lead foot
  5. Upper cuts
  6. Curb walk forward and back over step (stand behind step and step across it lengthwise and step backward (stepping on step again) back to starting position)
  7. Jab-cross; changes to hook-upper; combine all the punches into a jab-cross-hook-upper combo
  8. Repeat #6 on other leg
  9. Repeat #7 with other lead
  10. Alternating step knees
  11. Alternating front punches; changes to alternating cross punches; changes to alternating upper cuts; changes to alternating hooks; changes to fast flurry upper cuts
  12. Cross over step with a knee pull on each side (cross w/ knee raise, alternate sides)

For more info on AngieFitnessTV and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


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