10 Minute Booty Band Burn

10 Minute Booty Band Burn is an awesome little low impact cardio + toning walk from Gina B that uses a booty band to toast your lower body. This is another short workout that I use during the day (while teleworking) for fitness breaks. I tend to theme my days. At least once a week, all of my fitness breaks are lower body focused and this little workout is always included. I love Gina B’s other walks but she doesn’t create intense cardio walks. They are always fun. They will always help you increase your step count. They always have great music and Gina B’s engaging and motivating personality but I never get intense cardio. This one however, I feel the burn! But that’s not due to intense cardio–that is due to the booty band I use. I use my medium resistance EnriQ booty band for this workout and I definitely feel the work. And as usual, Gina sets the workout to some great music.

As an aside for those interested, I use 2 other workouts on my lower body day and I am going to share them here because, however you use them–strung together for a 30 minute glute toasting workout, spread out through the day like I do, or done individually on different days (maybe as finishers to longer workouts), I think they are all fantastic little lower body burns. Since the other two have already been reviewed on this blog they are easy to link to. On my lower body days, for my first fitness break I usually start with Heather Robertson‘s Standing Side Booty (Hip Dip) Workout. It also uses the booty band. Gina B’s 10 Miniute Booty Band Burn (this workout) is usually the second fitness break I take and my final fitness break that I take before my workout day is over (I generally take 3 ten minute fitness breaks during my work day) is Linda @ Barlates10 Minute Squat Challenge, which really finishes my glutes off.

10 Minute Booty Band Burn is 11:30 minutes; 30 second intro, no warm up or stretch. Equipment: booty band/fitness loop/firewalker. When the workout begins the band is already around your thighs, just above the knees and it remains there throughout the entire workout. Gina B has you doing basic dance cardio walk moves between each of the band exercises but I am only listing the actual band exercises below. You repeat all of these exercises multiple times but I am only listing them once in the order they appear. Gina also includes arm movements with the majority of the moves.

  1. Step out wide then narrow (out-out-in-in)
  2. Lower into a partial squat and tap one foot/leg in and out to side
  3. Lift and pulse one leg straight behind you, heel to ceiling
  4. Squats–singles and pulses
  5. Squat + straight leg lift out to side
  6. Lift pulse one straight leg out to side

For more info on Gina B‘s YouTube workouts and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


2 thoughts on “10 Minute Booty Band Burn

  1. I agree with your comment, “I love Gina B’s other walks but she doesn’t create intense cardio walks.”
    Do you have any recommendations for other cardio walks that give more intense cardio?

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