Barlates: 10 Minute Squat Challenge

Linda Wooldridge’s 10 Minute Squat Challenge is a great mini lower body workout that just shows that you do not need anything but your own body weight to completely fry your muscles. It was actually a bit longer than 10 minutes and my legs were screaming! I used this to finish off another workout. I did one of Linda’s Kettlebell workouts from her Barre Kettlebell HIIT Series DVD. I like my doubles workouts (second workout of the day that I do when I get home from work) to be about 30 minutes and the Kettlebell workouts on that DVD are 20 minutes each, so I used this workout to finish off the kettlebell workout I did today. This workout is perfect to finish any workout off. No equipment and it will fry your legs. Fast paced so your heart rate gets elevated, too.

10 Minute Squat Challenge is 13 minutes long; 30 second intro, no warm up or stretch and no equipment needed.

  1. Pulsing plie squats; add alternating curtsy lunges; remain in curtsy lunge and pulse
  2. Fast pulsing plie squats; changes to full plie squats while alternating raising heels
  3. Alternating curtsy lunges; remain in curtsy lunge and pulse (other leg)
  4. Plie side squats; alternate sides
  5. In squat w/ legs together, alternate raising heels
  6. Get into deep plie squat w/ hands on ground and pulse hips
  7. Hands still on floor, straighten legs (like a wide leg down dog); lower knees to ground then raise back up to down dog; changes to alternating knee taps
  8. Still in the wide down dog, pivot heels in and out and add a squat (keeping hands on floor)
  9. Standing again, leg/feet together, bend knees and raise and lower heels while keeping spine straight (barre move); changes to alternating heel raises; changes to pulsing in this position (both heels raised)

For more info on Barlates and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.



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