BodyFit by Amy: Cardio Mobility

I started doing Amy’s workouts last year then got distracted by other trainers and haven’t tried any of her new-to-me workouts in a while. But I do like her workouts and I still return to her short workouts that I have reviewed on this blog as little fitness breaks during my work day. When this workout popped up in my YouTube feed, it caught my eye. Primarily because I was about the get my second dose of the Moderna vaccine and I have heard some ugly stories about second dose side effects. So I planned my workouts this week accordingly–with 2 choices on the days following the vaccine. Something more intense and something lower key so that I could still workout, depending on how I felt. But I liked the idea of this workout enough that I decided I would do it even if I had no side effects.

I got my second vaccine dose this morning and by the time I signed off of my work computer (I telework) at the end of my work day, I felt completely normal. Fingers crossed I continue to feel that way. I did this workout as my doubles workout anyway and I really enjoyed it. It definitely wasn’t intense but it is also what you make it. Amy shows all levels of every single exercise. From super easy beginner level, to low impact but not easy, to high impact and more advanced. I did everything low impact but not low intensity. I got a great workout. Amy has structured this workout in circuits of 3 exercises: 2 cardio moves + one mobility move. This was a feel good cardio fusion type of workout that elevated my heart rate and gave me some nice dynamic stretching and mobility. According to my FitBit I only burned 223 calories, but again, I was not doing this workout at the highest possible intensity.

This workout is done interval style: 45 seconds of work followed by 15 seconds of rest. There is a timer in the upper right hand corner of the screen, counting down the total workout time. There is another timer in the upper right hand corner of the screen, counting down your intervals.

Cardio Mobility is 40:11 minutes; 3 minute warm up and 4 minute stretch. Equipment: fitness mat. Amy shows both low and high impact versions of the cardio exercises and easier and more advanced versions of the mobility exercises–whether or not I mention it in the breakdown, she does show them.

  1. Alternating side step out squats with lat pull down arms
  2. Alternating knee raises, tap opposite hand to knee as it raises
  3. Squat, grab ankles, straighten legs so you are in a forward fold, squat then stand and raise arm overhead
  4. Jumping jacks (or low impact jacks), arms alternate raising out to sides to overhead with raising straight in front of you
  5. Legs tap out side to side, arms alternate reaching across body with reaching overhead
  6. Windmill reach (stand with legs wide, arms extended to sides in a T, alternate reaching hand to opposite foot)
  7. Side lunge into knee raise
  8. Lateral skaters
  9. Alternating side lunge stretches
  10. Single side jabs with fast feet
  11. Alternating upper cuts with fast feet
  12. Plie squat stretch + shoulder roll + side bend
  13. Alternating reverse lunge, reaching both arms overhead when in lunge (or alternating jump lunges)
  14. Fast single leg knee pulls
  15. Step back into kneeling lunge, reach both arms overhead and do a side bend, then shift torso forward to deepen the stretch, alternate legs
  16. Side knee pull, reach same side arm overhead and bring elbow to knee as it raises
  17. Alternating knee raises, hands behind head, bringing elbow to opposite knee as it raises; add a squat between knee raises
  18. Hinge forward into forward fold + one crescent knee, alternate legs with a forward fold between each crescent knee
  19. Lateral shuffle + jump
  20. Alternating transverse sumo squats (sumo squat on a diagonal behind you, small hop then repeat on other side)
  21. Flow between beast pose and down dog pose (beast=on hands and toes with knees bent and a few inches off the floor)
  22. Mountain climbers, feet move side to side as you “run”
  23. Forearm plank jacks
  24. Single straight leg stretch (pilates move–you scissor the legs, but pull straight leg in toward you when it is raised)
  25. Squat with hands behind head + straight leg raise, reaching opposite hand to foot, alternate legs with a squat between each leg raise
  26. In plank or on all 4s, alternate bringing one leg up beside hand so you are in a deep lunge
  27. Cat/cow + one bird dog, alternate sides when doing bird dog
  28. Burpee pop up (Amy shows several variations of this move)
  29. Inchworms (start standing, hinge forward and walk hands out to plank, walk hands back to feet, stand and arms overhead)

For more info on BodyFit by Amy and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


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