Tae Bo: Billy’s Boot Camp Elite Mission One

It has been years since I have done a Tae Bo workout. My mom actually purchased Tae Bo workouts from an infomercial when I was a kid–so I did some early Tae Bo on VHS when I was a teenager. As an adult I purchased Tae Bo workouts on DVD. I was especially fond of Tae Bo II: Get Ripped Advanced and used to do the two workouts on that DVD all the time. Recently, we have been doing a lot of home improvement and that includes my workout room. One of the things we did was hang a rack on one wall where I could hang all of my resistance bands (and I have a lot of resistance bands). This has caused me to go through the bin where all of my bands were stored. I found the Billy Bands that came with Billy’s Boot Camp Elite and remembered why I decided to purchase them a million years ago (it looks like this program was created in 2006). They are so cool. They are resistance tubing with weighted handles (one pound) and loops for your feet. So I looked for the workouts that came with these bands and sure enough, they were still shrink wrapped. I decided it was time to finally give these a try.

**Update: I just discovered some bands that are compatible with the bands that came with these bootcamp workouts on Amazon.

Mission One includes a 41 minute workout and a 9 minute bonus called Billy One-on-One. It is a tutorial in which Billy Blanks teaches you proper form for all of the moves that you will be doing in the Mission One workout; that is the first 5:45 minutes. Then he teaches you how to use the Billy Bands. The last 2 minutes is Billy’s inspirational message.

Mission One is the actual workout. Billy says several times that this is an intro to the program. So even though you have the Billy One-on-One tutorial, he teaches you everything again in this workout. But it is done drill/interval fashion. You do each move slowly then fast. The workout has a 45 second video intro. As soon as the intro is over, it opens with the class already doing jumping jacks. Billy is just standing there talking while the class behind him keeps jacking. He joins them doing jumping jacks at about the 1:20 mark.

Over all this is a low impact workout. Other than the jumping jacks during the warm up, Billy doesn’t do any high impact moves. A few times during the workout you do a jump rope move and some of the class members actually jump but Billy’s jump rope move is low impact. So if you follow Billy, and modify your jumping jacks to low impact jacks, this workout can be entirely low impact. This workout does have squat thrusts which I guess is an impact move but you could modify that by stepping out rather than jumping.

Now for the Billy Bands. Still pretty cool but I expected them to be stronger. However, Billy’s daughter Shelly (who is in all of his workouts), quickly shows how to remedy that. No one is pointing it out btw–you just learn it by watching her. She loops the band around her hand to increase tension/resistance. Once I started doing that, it made the workout more effective. Still, this workout was not super intense. But it is Mission One. I still have Mission Two and Ultimate Bootcamp to try. I have previewed them both and they both look much tougher than this one. So this is a good intro to using the Bill Bands. The Billy Bands are very cool when he uses them for boxing, which is probably what inspired me to purchase the program. What a great way to increase the intensity of your punches! I expected more resistance with the kicks–even looping the band didn’t add that much resistance. But looping the band to increase the tension works well for the upper body strength work. BTW–I would not consider this workout to be a strength workout. Just cardio kickboxing with some conditioning. That is mostly due to the amount of reps you do. I think he has you do 16 reps of everything. Double that if he has you do it slow then fast. I know by previewing the other two bootcamp workouts that you do a lot more reps in those. So the other two might actually give you some high rep/endurance level strength work (we’ll see!).

One thing I noted in all 3 of these bootcamp workouts is there is little to no stretch. This one has a longer stretch than the other 2 and it is only 1:15 minutes. I added on one of Cathe‘s long stretches from her Total Body Stretching. I considered adding on a short rebounder workout as a finisher but I had a rough night last night–one of my dogs was sick. She’s okay this morning but she was puking all night. So an easier workout and a long stretch was more appropriate this morning.

Mission One is 41 minutes (it is 43 minutes but the last 2 minutes is Billy’s inspirational message); 45 second intro; 4 minute warm up, 20 minutes of cardio kickboxing drills, 15:30 minutes of metabolic strength work using the bands and 1:15 minute stretch. Equipment: Billy’s weighted bands. I also held one pound weights during the 20 minutes of cardio kickboxing drills. The first 12 minutes of the workout after the warm up is basic cardio boxing drills in which Billy teaches then drills you through all of the basic punches plus speed bags and some basic combos. Next Billy moves to lower body, drilling you through knee raises and basic kicks for about 4:30 minutes. Then, for the next 2 minutes you do a simple kickbox combo. Finally, 24 minutes into the workout, you start using the weighted bands. All of the exercises below are done using the weighted bands.

  1. Military press (overhead press, standing with legs wide and knees bent), slow then fast
  2. Simulate jumping rope
  3. Bicep curls; hold at top of bicep curl and from this starting position, push weights/band overhead
  4. Repeat #2
  5. Upright rows; hold isometrically at top of row
  6. Stand with legs wide, knees bent, elbows bent and held close to waist, arms bent with hands held next to shoulders, agitate torso side to side
  7. Alternating cross punches
  8. Single arm speed bag holding the arm in guard
  9. Side kicks, slow then fast
  10. Single arm bent over tricep kickbacks; changes to pulses at top of kickback
  11. 3 single arm side punches while stepping to side + one cross punch, slow then fast
  12. Set the weighted handles on the floor (loops are still on feet), squat placing hands on floor, jump feet back to plank, jump feet back in and stand (squat thrusts)
  13. (hold weighted handles again) Low impact half jacks

9 thoughts on “Tae Bo: Billy’s Boot Camp Elite Mission One

  1. I hope your dog continues to feel better — did she eat something she shouldn’t have?

    Do you have many DVDs that are still shrink-wrapped?

    I leave my DVDs shrink-wrapped until I’m actually ready to do the workout. I have many DVDs that I bought from seasonal sales on the TFDVD site along with some TFDVD Deal-of-the-Day DVDs that I haven’t even done yet. I’m feeling overwhelmed by all the new-to-me workouts and haven’t been able to choose one to do.
    Which probably explains why I’ve been walking outdoors a lot more than actually working out over the past few weeks.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have no idea how many I have. I will share that I have a notebook in which I write down each new workout I purchase but have not yet done so I can keep track of them and not forget them. 15 of the pages are full without a single workout marked off as tried and 25 more pages are full but have 4 or more workouts marked off as tried. So a lot! But I also buy some workouts used so those do not have shrink wrap on them.

      Any time I start to feel overwhelmed with how many workouts that are collecting dust, I just return to my favorite trainers. Luckily, with this blog, I can look at all of their workouts I own and have done to find my favorites. That’s one of the reasons I am starting my Cathe heavy lifting rotation in mid-October.


      1. WOW. THAT IS A LOT OF WORKOUTS!!! But then again, I’m sure not all are DVDs, I know you’ve bought a lot of Cathe’s digital downloads….

        I was wondering about buying used workouts. I had high hopes for an out-of-print workout DVD I borrowed from the library but it was a completely bust, I did not like it all. Anyway, between waiting for the workout to arrive and actually doing it, I did see it being sold on Amazon by some third parties. To the best of my recollection, a few sellers listed it as “new.” In your experience, when sellers on Amazon list their DVDs as new, can I assume they come shrink-wrapped? Or do you tend to go for fair to good quality and pay less?

        For me, I’m burnt out on Jillian, or at least NMTZ. I haven’t felt motivated to try her ES&S and HB. And while I really like Atletica 4 and it’s a great workout, it’s not what I’d call fun. Today will be another walk day for me but I’ve got to get back in the habit of working out regularly again, it will be good for me, more for my mental well-being than anything else. Plus I don’t want to lose anything (stamina, strength, endurance, etc….) that I’ve worked hard to gain.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Before I sound too crazy–it’s a 5×7 notebook, note a huge 8X11 one. Still–lots of workouts to get through eventually. I do suspect there are some I will never do. Impulse buys.

        When I buy used, I always buy “Very Good” or “like new.” If it says “new” it better have the shrink wrap on it! I also look at the ratings the seller has received. I will buy as low as 93% positive if within the past 6 months every review has been positive. But I usually chose sellers who are 96% positive or higher. I also look at how many reviews they have. Thousands of reviews and they are 96% positive or higher–I will trust them. And I will almost always buy from a Goodwill over other sellers no matter what the status of the DVD is. They have a generic statement they put in that makes it seem like you might be getting garbage but it is always a very good or like new DVD when it arrives. ALWAYS. Even if it lists the quality as “good” or “acceptable.”

        It’s a shame you don’t stream. I tried Jillian’s Streaming service for a week and it is excellent. Seriously excellent. Sadly I can find something wrong with almost every streaming service I’ve used even if I love the workouts and Jillian’s isn’t perfect either but it is definitely up there in the top 5. I will resubscribe and pay at some point. I will post a review then. But with so many workouts available in her streaming service I can not give it justice in a week.


      3. That is good to know about the Goodwill listings & your experiences with the condition/quality of the items you have purchased from them. Even though I would prefer new and shrink-wrapped, I think I’d be okay buying the other condition types. But there’s not really any DVDs I’m really fixating on at the moment that are out-of-print that I wish I had. There are a couple of DVDs that I wish I scooped up at the TFDVD most recent sale but perhaps I’ll get them at the next sale.

        And yes, it is a shame I can’t stream. I’m starting to get hung up on that — thinking of workouts I wish (Barlates and Jessica Smith immediately come to mind but there are others I’m sure) I could do rather than being happy/satisfied with the workouts I have whether I’ve done them or not.

        I am glad though that you liked Jillian’s streaming service. *If* I could stream, I would likely do free workouts on youtube rather than paying for subscription services — I would be open to sampling a subscription service but I wouldn’t want to provide my credit card for the free trial (which I understand is the norm and it makes sense that the provider does that.)

        I impulse bought Squeeze by Tracy Effinger when it was the deal-of-the-day on the TFDVD website for I think $1.99 months ago. I’m scared to do it. I’m afraid of DOMs.


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