Tae Bo Extreme

Tae Bo Extreme is a 56 minute cardio + strength  kickboxing/step workout. 4 minute warm up, 48 minute training time and 3:30 minute cool down. To be honest, I hesitate to label it as having strength work, but I have to remember that there are all kinds of strength work and just because it is … Continue reading Tae Bo Extreme

Tae Bo II: Get Ripped Advanced

Billy Blanks kickboxing-esque Advanced workout DVD has 3 workouts on it (2 technically). 2 full workouts and one “8 Minute” workout. Interesting story behind this DVD. It is a step in my fitness journey. I remember many, many years ago doing the original Tae Bo (on VHS) and finding it challenging. Then, of course, it … Continue reading Tae Bo II: Get Ripped Advanced