Tae Bo: Billy’s Ultimate Bootcamp

Ultimate Bootcamp appears to be Billy Blank‘s first (or one of his first) bootcamp workouts. The other 2 Billy Bootcamp workouts I’ve already reviewed were released the year after this one. This workout uses something Billy calls “special op bands.” They look just like the Billy Bands in Billy’s Bootcamp Elite Mission One and Mission 2 except they are black rather than red. They also look like they just have regular handles rather than the weighted handles that are on the red bands I have.

This was another very good workout. You do not use the bands the entire workout. You start without the bands and do some cardio kickboxing and body weight strength work then you put on the bands. At that point it becomes more strength focused, especially for the upper body. This workout was more bootcamp-like than the other 2. I was working hard and at times even hit some muscle failure. Billy reps you out with some of the band work. Like Mission One, the band did nothing for my lower body but it did work my upper body very well. But Billy gives you lots of kicks that work your lower body nicely even though the bands didn’t add much resistance (for me at least). Then you remove the bands to do more body weight strength work. He takes you down to the floor for lower body mat work and thats when he really burns your legs and glutes out. You also get push ups and some tough ab work that also works your legs. There is no stretch at the end, just a tae chi like cool down. So I added on a stretch from one Cathe‘s workouts.

I really like Billy’s workouts using the bands. I still have a stack of Tae Bo workouts I purchased a long time ago and have not done. I need to look at them closer and see if any more use the bands. I feel like these bands really hit my upper body in new and unique ways. Some of the exercises cannot be done with dumbbells and even if they can be done with regular resistance bands, the design of these bands make them much more functional for metabolic work.

**Update: I just discovered some bands that are compatible with the bands that came with these bootcamp workouts on Amazon

Ultimate Bootcamp is 54:30 minutes; 1 minute intro; 4 minute warm up (there are a total of 16 push ups in the warm up) and the cool down is a little over a minute. Equipment: Billy bands.

  1. With legs wide and arms in guard, rotate torso side to side; add alternating cross punches; changes to alternating upper cuts
  2. Alternating cross punches (legs are no longer stationary like they were in #1, you are using your full body)
  3. Sumo squats, touching fingers to floor; pivot into lunge  with arms extended straight in front of you and do stationary lunges
  4. Stand with legs wide and in partial squat, reach both arms behind lower back then circle arms in front of you (touch fingers together behind back and also in front of body), first slow then fast; hold wide sumo squat isometrically with arms extended in front of you
  5. Hinge forward in split stance and do knee pulls, reaching arms in front of you and pulling hands to knee
  6. Squat with arms in guard, tapping elbows to knees when squatting
  7. Single arm jabs; changes to jab-cross
  8. Jumping jacks
  9. Forward lunge + front kick (other leg)
  10. Hinge forward reaching hands to feet then stand, reaching arms overhead
  11. Wide sump squats with arms extended straight out to side in a T, small arm circles while holding squat isometrically; extend arms straight in front of you and continue doing small circles
  12. Repeat #5 on other leg
  13. Side kick + sumo squat
  14. 3 side jabs while also stepping + one cross + 4 squats
  15. Repeat #13 on other side of body
  16. 2 steps to side + one front kick, alternate sides
  17. (place band loops around feet and hold a handle in each hand) Hold wide sumo squat isometrically while doing overhead press; hold arms/bands overhead isometrically; bend elbows into goal post and do goal post chest flys
  18. Stand with legs wide, extend arms out straight to sides in a T, do bicep curls in this position, bringing hands/handles to shoulders
  19. Still standing with legs wide, one hand is holding a handle behind back, other hand reaches handle/band from opposite hip out to side overhead/on a diagonal (as if drawing a sword), first slow then fast
  20. Cross bands and hold a handle at each hip, with bands in this position, repeat #13, first slow then fast
  21. Repeat #19 and 20 on other side of body
  22. Hold handles together in front of you in both hands and do upright rows
  23. Lower into a wide sumo squat and hold isometrically, bands are crossed, a handle in each hand, bring arms out to side, elbows close to side so that arms/torso form a W, push arms on a diagonal so arms form a V
  24. Same starting position as #23 but arms are extended down toward knees, raise arms out to sides from thighs to overhead
  25. Push ups
  26. Still holding a handle in each hand but bands are no longer crossed, step forward into a shallow sumo squat while doing alternating jabs and when you step back do an overhead press
  27. Hinge forward in split stance and do single arm tricep kickbacks (lots of them)
  28. Squat thrust with push up when in plank and overhead press when standing
  29. Jumping jacks
  30. One jumping jack + one side kick, alternate legs with a jack between each kick
  31. Lower into a wide sumo squat and hold isometrically, raise arms to shoulder level, elbows bent, palms facing floor, hold arms at this level while punching arms/bands forward
  32. Remain lowered in sumo squat, hold both handles in one hand at on hip, other arm does speed bag to the side
  33. Holding a handle in each hand again, jump rope while circling the handles like a jump rope; continue the arms but legs change to high knee runs
  34. (remove bands and set aside) Get on all 4s, raise one leg to side in hydrant and hold, from this position, kick leg behind you then return to hydrant
  35. Still on all 4s, extend leg out straight to side and pulse leg up
  36. Repeat #34 & 35 on other leg
  37. Still on all 4s, alternate kicking legs out behind you
  38. Squats with arms in guard, bringing elbows to knees when in squat
  39. Front kick + back kick
  40. Repeat #38
  41. Repeat #39 with legs swapped
  42. Lower into a wide sumo squat and hold isometrically, clasp hands in front of you with elbows raised to sides, rotate arms/torso side to side; changes to alternating cross punches
  43. Lay on back, hands under glutes, head/shoulders raised and legs raised straight to ceiling, lower legs until they are a few inches off the floor then raise them; keep legs lowered about a foot off the ground, open and close straight legs; hold one leg isometrically while opening and closing other leg; changes to fluttering both legs up and down (paddle swimming)
  44. Still on back, legs are extended straight on ground now, head/shoulders are still raised, bend knees tapping heels close to glutes then extending legs straight again, hands are beside head when legs are extended then reach hands toward heels when heels tap in; add raising torso when tapping heels in
  45. Billy and crew do a partner move, however, home exercisers will repeat the first part of #43 with hands holding onto something, Billy suggests a chair
  46. High knee run
  47. Mountain climbers
  48. 4 push ups, roll to the side until you are on your stomach again then do 4 more push ups (continue rolling side to side with 4 push ups to each side)
  49. Hold wide sumo squat isometrically with arms extended in front of you (while you are holding this pose, Billy is giving an inspirational monologue)

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