The Firm: Fat Blasting Cardio

Fast Blasting Cardio is part of The Firm’s Firm Box system. The Firm Box is a step that can be used in a 6 inch position, a 14 inch position and an incline position. This is a 30 minute cardio step workout. It is made up of 4 circuits. 2 of the circuits are straight step cardio and the other two circuits also use the Firm Box, but also use light weights to increase the intensity. I found this to be a very good workout and, for my current fitness level, it really got my heart rate up. Since it’s only 30 minutes, I finished it off w/ The Firm’s Power Sculpt, another 20 minute metabolic workout that kept my heart rate elevated. Between the two, I got a great cardio workout this morning.

This workout is led by Lisa Kay. She was never one of my favorite Firm trainers. I’m not sure why because this was a very good workout. However her cuing left a lot to be desired, so maybe that was it. The other Firm trainers I have re-visited so far definitely cue better. However, I was able to catch on pretty quickly even when her cuing messed me up. The choreography is not complicated. Even though the Firm Box is used, it is not required for this workout. A step at 6 inches and a step that inclines are all you need. Plus light dumbbells. Lisa and crew used 3 and 5 pound dumbbells. I used 5 pound dumbbells for everything.

Fat Blasting Cardio is 32 minutes; 2 minute intro, 5 minute warm up and 4 minute cool down/stretch. Equipment: Firm Box (or step that inclines) and light dumbbells. Workout starts with Firm Box on an incline for the warm up. There is a modifier.

Circuit #1: step cardio w/ Firm Box in 6 inch position

Circuit #2: light cardio sculpting on Firm Box still in 6 inch position (Lisa and crew used 5 pound dumbbells and so did I)

  1. Squat and stand w/ one foot on box while doing bicep curls while squatting; add straight arm side lateral raises when standing; add side leg raise when standing; changes to squat then kick front while pressing DBs forward (still doing bicep curl when squatting); add both complete moves together and alternate
  2. Curtsy lunge off step while holding DBs at shoulders; stop lunging and while standing on step do alternating overhead presses; add curtsy lunge to the alternating overhead press
  3. Squat while standing on box; add back rows; changes to high back rows; alternate the two row variations while continuing to squat
  4. Repeat #2 on other leg
  5. Repeat #1 on other leg
  6. Straddle step on box; add bent arm side lateral raises; changes to side to side lunges off box while alternating tricep kickbacks; changes to double lunges each side while doing two double armkickbacks; changes to uneven squat pulses (one foot always on step); repeat all of these moves

Circuit #3: step cardio w/ Firm Box in 6 inch position

Circuit #4: light cardio sculpting on box in incline position (Lisa and crew used 3 pound dumbbells, I used 5 pound dumbbells)

  1. Squats while facing box; add forward lunge onto incline; add bicep curls but with arms held out straight to side and curling DBs to shoulders; add a pulse to lunge and when pulsing, sweep arms forward in front of you; add rear leg lift instead of pulsing
  2. Straddle step w/ knee raise; changes to rear lunges on floor beside box w/ bicep curls; add a knee raise at top of lunge; stand on one leg while doing bicep curl to overhead press; return to straddle step w/ knee raise then repeat the reverse lunge series on other leg
  3. Repeat #1 on other leg
  4. Low jacks on floor holding DBs together in front of you; add alternating tricep press; changes to to alternating knee raises while holding DBs together overhead; add pulling DBs down from overhead to knee that is raising; repeat both of these combos

4 thoughts on “The Firm: Fat Blasting Cardio

  1. Thanks for your reviews of the Firm workouts. You’ve inspired me to pull them out of storage and start Firming again. Hang in there – you’re amazing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re welcome! I am having so much returning to my old Firms. They are actually excellent workouts for intermediate exercisers–which is where I am right now.


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