The Firm: Power Sculpt

The Firm: Power Sculpt is a short metabolic strength workout that came with its own piece of equipment: the sculpting stick pro–similar to the sculpting stick that came with their Body Sculpting System 2 but (IMHO) better. This sculpting stick is one pound heavier (9 pounds instead of 8 pounds) and separates into three 3 pound “twigs” (the old sculpting stick separated into two 2 pound twigs and one 4 pound bar). I really enjoyed this workout when I did it many years ago but I found the 9 pound sculpting stick too light for many of the exercises. So this is one of the workouts that prompted me to purchase a 15 pound body bar–which has gotten a lot of use in other workouts over the years.

This workout is led by my favorite Firm trainer, Allie Del Rio. This workout is the perfect finisher for a shorter workout of any kind–strength or cardio. Even with a heavier body bar this doesn’t qualify as serious strength work, so it can finish anything. Or use it to warm up before a yoga workout. I didn’t have a lot of short add on/finisher workouts back then so I used this workout a lot. I used it finished off many 30-40 minute workouts. This morning I used it to finish off Fat Blasting Cardio.

I really enjoyed this workout. I was already sweating and my heart rate was elevated from Fat Blasting Cardio, so I cannot judge coming to this workout fresh but it did keep my heart rate elevated. The first half is standing exercises using the sculpting stick and it was very metabolic. Not counting the warm up, I used my 15 pound body bar for all of the standing exercises except for 13/14 and 16 below–I used the 9 pound bar for those two exercises. And I used the 9 pound bar for all of the floor work, but having done that, the 15 pound bar would have worked well for 21 and 22.

If you don’t have the Firm’s sculpting stick, you can use a weighted body bar, or a barbell that is fairly heavy–or if its not, add some small plates on the end to make it heavier, plus some light dumbbells.

Power Sculpt is 20 minutes long; 30 second intro, 4:30 minute warm up (#1-7 below) and 1:30 minute stretch. Only equipment needed is the sculpting stick pro, but I also used a 15 pound body bar. The workout starts with the sculpting stick broken down and holding one 3 pound section of the sculpting stick in both hands for the warm up.

  1. Holding one 3 pound bar in both hands in front of you, tap feet to front; raise and lower bar overhead
  2. Alternating side lunges; add bringing bar to same side of body as is lunging
  3. Alternating knee raise w/ squat; add a side woodchop with each knee raise; add 3 knee repeaters
  4. Grab one of the other 3 pound bars; alternating side lunges; add split flys (raise one straight arm high and one straight arm low)
  5. Tap leg behind you then raise other knee while holding both 3 pound bars in one hand; do a one arm row when tapping back
  6. Alternating knee raises (still holding two bars in one hand); add one arm overhead tricep extension; changes to two arm tricep extensions to transfer bars to other hand then do one arm overhead tricep extensions on other arm, ends doing double arm overhead tricep extensions
  7. Alternating front lunge w/ one pulse; add wide bicep curls
  8. Fully assemble sculpting stick; clean and press with assembled sculpting stick
  9. Squats holding stick at shoulders; add clean and press; just squat; just overhead press
  10. Alternating front lunges still holding bar at shoulders; add overhead press; ends with alternating front lunges only
  11. Upright rows
  12. Alternating side lunges; add upright rows; just side lunges
  13. Front raises
  14. Alternating reverse lunges; add front raises; just reverse lunges
  15. Double arm back row while hinging forward
  16. Hold stick behind you w/ both hands and do double arm tricep kickbacks
  17. Deadlifts
  18. Bicep curls; add squats
  19. Repeat #15
  20. Place one end of stick on floor and hold stick with both hands at top of stick; alternating side lunges; changes to doing side lunges on one side while doing a one arm row with stick
  21. Lay on floor on one hip  w/ top leg extended, place stick on top of top leg, lift and lower straight leg; changes to isometric holds at top then lowering slowly
  22. Bend top leg and place foot on floor behind bottom straight leg, place stick on top of bottom leg, raise and lower bottom straight leg; changes to isometric holds
  23. Place stick on floor and come into plank with hands behind stick, walk hands over stick and then back behind stick
  24. Repeat 21 & 22 on other leg
  25. Remove one 3 pound section of the stick so you are holding two connected pieces (6 pounds), sit in C sit with arms crossed over chest holding bar across chest, lift and lower torso then twist to side, alternate sides
  26. Lay on back, knees bent and raised and 6 pound stuck held under knees, do reverse crunch; place hands behind head and add upper body; add 3 count isometric hold at top of full crunch
  27. Assemble stick for stretch

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