AngieFitnessTV: Power Walk Dance Fusion

Power Walk Dance Fusion is part of AngieFitnessTV‘s 15 Minutes to Fit Series. Angie created this series to be used as finishers to other workouts. And she created them as true finishers. Each of these little workouts ends with a 2-3 minute stretch. During my rehab from shoulder surgery I have been doing a lot of Angie’s workouts and though I enjoy them all, my favorites so far have been her 15 Minutes to Fit series and her Fit Over 40 Series. They are workouts I will return to even when I am not rehabbing! Now that I have really been delving into her workouts I am discovering a lot of her more challenging workouts that I plan to try when my shoulder is healed. This morning I did a 30 minute upper body workout (a Kelly Coffey-Meyer premix) and finished it off with this workout. It was a fun little low impact cardio finisher.

Power Walk Dance Fusion is 22:10 minutes; no warm up, 3 minute cool down/stretch. Angie is holding 2 pound hand weights. Angie builds a dance walk combo that is repeated multiple times. It is made up of basic cardio walk moves that Angie adds a bit of spice to including a basic march, “jazzy knees,” side lunges, tap w/ a knee raise and heel digs. Nothing complicated but it is fun. I wore my 8 pound vest to increase intensity. I have been given permission by my ortho surgeon to start using resistance on my left side–under the discretion of my physical therapist. So this morning I held a one pound hand weight in my left hand and a 2 pounder in my right. It was exciting to be able to do something with that arm even if it is only very light weight! (I also used very light dumbbells on my left side during the upper body strength workout–again, exciting!) I am on my way back to normal. Hoping this is the last thing I have to rehab from! I am tired of all this rehabbing!

For more info on AngieFitnessTV and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


5 thoughts on “AngieFitnessTV: Power Walk Dance Fusion

  1. Congrats on your ortho surgeon and physical therapist letting you start using resistance on your left side. I know you were only using 1 pounds but I dearly hope that you did not experience any twinges of pain or discomfort. Is it up to your discretion as to when say you can move up from a 1 pound weight to a 2 pound weight or do you need to get clearance to increase the weight?

    I hope this is the last thing that you have to rehab from too.

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    1. I have to get the green light from my PT. I had PT today and they gave me weight recommendations for different exercises. All light weights but it’s something! I can actually use a medium resistance band for back rows, so you bet I will be doing a lot of band rows!


      1. Yes even though it’s light weights, it’s something. Better to start light and be cautious rather than risk ruining all your progress you have made healing and rehabbing. Enjoy the new weight recommendations + medium resistance band, just be safe.

        Can you really see that in about a month you’ll be lifting near regular weight with your left shoulder/arm?


      2. I really don’t know. For the past 5 weeks I have been doing KCM’s Cardio Sculpt Overload 2x a week. First with my sling immobilizing my arm. Then w/out the sling and doing the arm movements w/out any weight. Earlier this week I wore 1 pound weighted gloves on both hands but did not use any dumbbells in my left hand and finally, this morning I did all of the weighted strength moves with a very light dumbbell. I felt like I could do more but I stuck with 3 pounds for my left arm. If it was a move that held one dumbbell in both hands I used 8 and 10 pounds. I had no problems so the next time I do that workout I will use a 5 pound dumbbell in my let hand. Anyway, if I keep using the same workout as a gauge and increasing the weight each time I do it (if I feel I am able) then who knows? I don’t think I will be lifting the same as my right arm in a month but I may be close. I really miss deadlifts with a barbell and plank based moves. I don’t feel like either of those are in my near future but who knows.


    2. Well that’s a good idea to keep using the same workout as a gauge to see when you feel ready to increase the weight a bit. It’s nice that you picked a KCM workout since she’s one of your fave trainers.

      Deadlifts and planks are probably too intense for your shoulder right now but you really seem to be trucking along and healing well, perhaps you’ll be amazed at where you are physically in another month.


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