AngieFitnessTV: Step Strong 4 Combination Class

Step Strong 4 Combination Class is another step cardio class from AngieFitnessTV. After doing Angie’s Low Impact Super Basic Step & Sculpt, plus her Fit Over 40 step cardio workouts, and enjoying them so much, I decided to seek out more. Angie created a separate “premix” step cardio workout from her Low Impact Super Basic Step & Sculpt. I have not done that premix workout yet, but I do plan to. The original workout that Step Strong 4 Combination Class (this review) came from is Strong & Sweaty Step, which will eventually be reviewed here. Here is how this happens: Angie does a long cardio + strength workout then cuts out all of the strength work for people that only want to do the cardio step and offers it separately. Which I think is awesome! Thank you Angie! I want both and I love that I don’t have to skip through the strength work if it is a cardio day and all I want is the step cardio. But I also love, love, love cardio + strength workouts.

This workout is made up of 4 fairly simple step combinations; however these step combos are more complicated than the ones in her Low Impact Super Basic Step & Sculpt. So if you are new to stepping I suggest starting with Angie’s very basic step workouts before moving up this. But still–this is not complicated or complex choreography. As mentioned other reviews for Angie’s step workouts, I have done a lot of Cathe step workouts and Angie’s are extremely basic and simple in comparison.

I really liked this workout even more than her Low Impact Super Basic Step & Sculpt. Because I had previewed it and knew it was a bit more complex (not a lot–just a little), I started with my step at 6 inches. I did wear a 6 pound weighted vest for more intensity. After finishing combo 4, I new I could handle my step at 8 inches and, just like when I did during Low Impact Super Basic Step & Sculpt, I added risers. That bumped up the intensity very nicely.

Apparently Angie experienced “technical difficulties” in the course of filming this workout but I am not sure what they were. As mentioned above, this is actually an edited version of a longer cardio + strength workout called Strong & Sweaty Step that is 64:30 minutes. For this workout she edited out the strength work that was included in that workout. I will be doing full version eventually. My post-surgery restrictions are loosening up so I am very much looking forward to that one. I did preview it and she uses heavier weights than I have seen her use in any of the workouts of hers I have done so far.

Step Strong 4 Combination Class is 38:09 minutes; 5 minute warm up and 4:30 minute cool down/stretch. Equipment: step @ 6 inches. I also wore a weighted vest and raised my step height to 8 inches. This is a low impact cardio step workout. The first combo include basic step, grapevines on the floor, corner to corner knees, and rocking horse step. The second combo includes turn steps, knee step back knee, corner knees and rocking horse. After Angie teaches you the 2nd combo, you will run through both combos 1 & 2 several times. The third combo includes straddle steps and tapping one foot off step while punching overhead (if you are familiar with Cathe’s step workouts this is similar to a Power 3 but w/out the impact). After combo 3 Angie does not review combos 1 & 2 again. Combo 4 includes V step forward and back (forward is on the step, back is on the floor), turn step, knee step back knee, and rocking horse. After you run through combo 4 several times she combines it with combo 3 and you run through those 2 combos several times. Next she puts all 4 combos together and your run through them several times.

For more info on AngieFitnessTV and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


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