AngieFitnessTV: Power Walk Ramped Up with Ankle & Hand Weights

Power Walk Ramped Up with Ankle & Hand Weights is a very basic low impact cardio walk from AngieFitnessTV. It is one of Angie’s more basic cardio walks and from the look of her studio, one of her early videos. It was created in 2017. The use of ankle weight and hand weights are what increase the intensity of the walk. I wore my 2.5 pound ankle weights, held one pound handweights and wore an 8 pound weighted vest. In retrospect, I should have also worn my 10 pound weighted belt because this walk felt very low intensity to me even with 15 extra pounds added to me. But that’s okay. I used this to add additional cardio onto the end of another workout and it did continue to give me some low impact steady state cardio. I did find it more boring than many of Angie’s other workouts and the music was very low in this workout. Angie almost always has great music to amp up her workouts and she generally has it pretty loud–never too loud and you can always hear her fine over the music but it is always loud enough to drive the workout. The music in this workout was not loud enough to really add anything to this workout. So I probably will not return to this cardio walk.

Power Walk Ramped Up with Ankle & Hand Weights is 21:39 minutes; 45 second intro and 30 second cool down. Equipment: ankle weights and handweights. Angie is using 2.5 pound ankle weights and she starts with 1 pound hand weights but gets rid of them pretty quickly. Each exercise is done for 60 seconds. This workout uses basic cardio walking moves such as marching in place, marching forward and back, heel digs, alternating knee raises, and stepping out wide then back in narrow. She also does basic arm movements such as circling straight arms out to sides, chest fly arm variations and scarecrow arms. I did feel these holding one pound hand weights.

For more info on AngieFitnessTV and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


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