10,000 Indoor Step Challenge

Despite the title, you will not be walking 10,000 steps in this workout. Which kind of disappointed me! The title is the entire reason I clicked on it! This is a workout by a new-to-me YouTube Trainer, Joanna Soh. The reason for this title is that Joanna is challenging her viewers to walk at least 10,000 steps every day for the next 30 days (she posted this workout in February 2020). So she created a workout to help you meet that goal. She was hoping to walk 5000 steps but she clocked in slightly over 4000 steps. I only walked 3500 steps according to my FitBit.

This workout is set up interval fashion. You alternate 30 seconds of marching in place with 30 seconds of a cardio step move. Below I am listing all of the step moves in the order they appear but know that they are all done for 30 seconds and are all alternated with 30 seconds of marching in place.

Joanna Soh is adorable! Seriously cute. She is very encouraging and enthusiastic. Unfortunately the music isn’t very loud. I wore a 6 pound weighted vest, 1 pound ankle weights and 1 pound weighted gloves to increase the intensity. That did a decent job but the first time through the circuit but I felt like I needed more. Since you repeat the 15 exercise circuit, the second time through the circuit I increased the interval time for each exercise to 45 seconds. That’s when I started sweating!

This is a fun little low impact cardio workout that is appropriate for a beginner and if you need more, just do what I did–add a weighted vest, ankle weights and weighted gloves and increase the amount of time you do the intervals.

10,000 Indoor Step Challenge is 32:23 minutes; 1 minute intro, no warm up or cool down. The actual workout is 30 minutes because Joanna talks for the final 1:23 minutes. Joanna adds arm movements to many of the moves.

  1. Alternating side taps
  2. Alternating heel taps (or heel “digs”)
  3. Wide to narrow step (lower into squat when stepping out wide)
  4. Leg curls (hamstring curls)
  5. 3 steps forward and 3 steps back (she makes this dancy)
  6. Alternating cross punches
  7. Lateral skaters
  8. High knee (alternating knee raise)
  9. Front kicks and reach (alternating front kicks, reaching opposite hand toward foot as you kick)
  10. Double side steps
  11. Standing crunch (alternating knee raise, bringing knee across body and touching knee with opposite elbow)
  12. Square walk (wide march forward and back while lowered into partial squat)
  13. Alternating step backs (more like an alternating reverse lunge, reaching fingertips to ground)
  14. Side to side twist (with legs wide, do alternating taps while reaching arm across body at chest level and overhead)
  15. Wide leg fast feet
  16. Repeat #1-15

For more info on Joanna Soh and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.

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