JessicaSmithTV: Cardio Core Fusion Flow

Cardio Core Fusion Flow is a cardio conditioning workout from Jessica Smith using sliding devices. I was challenged during parts of this workout. Peanut is much more energetic then she usually is. She decides she wants Jessica’s sliding devices as her chew toys. Halfway through, Peanut suddenly disappears. Jessica had to stop filming and get Peanut out of the room before she could resume the workout! But you can hear Peanut barking her protest in the background. My husband was on Peanuts side and felt she should be have been allowed to molest Jessica’s sliding towels as much as she wanted to.

Cardio Core Fusion Flow is 31 minutes; 2:30 minute stretch. Equipment: sliding devices (disks, paper plates or wash clothes) and an optional elevation for the hands–step or chair seat. The workout starts with the sliding devices under the balls of your feet.

  1. Alternate sliding foot out to side and back in, lowering into a squat on other leg when doing it, alternate sides
  2. Remain in squat and slide the same leg out and in
  3. Alternate sliding feet back; add raising arms overhead when sliding back
  4. Stand with legs wide and alternate reaching arms overhead and to side with side bend
  5. Stand with your weight on one leg and slide the other leg behind stationary leg then back to start (in a shallow curtsy lunge); extend arms out straight to side, then raise and lower them in opposition while continuing to slide leg
  6. Wide plie squats; add raising and lowering arms out to side and overhead
  7. Repeat #5 on other side of body
  8. Repeat #6
  9. Narrow plie squat pulses (heels touching, toes turned out); take one leg and slide/circle it front in front of you to behind you while also rotating torso side to side
  10. Narrow plie squat pulses while Jessica explains modifications for the next exercise
  11. In regular squat position with feet hip width apart, pulse in partial squat while hinged forward slightly; extend both arms straight in line with ears and do swimming circles with your arms; stop pulsing and hold chair pose with arms extended straight beside ears
  12. Hinge all the way forward until hands are on ground, slide feet back until you are in straight arm plank, slide same side knee into elbow, when you slide foot back, lift hips into pike position, alternate legs
  13. Slide feet back in and raise back into chair pose and repeat #11
  14. Hinge all the way forward until hands are on ground, slide feet back until you are in straight arm plank, rotate hips toward one side and do sliding mountain climbers, aiming both knees toward same side elbow (angled sliding mountain climbers)
  15. Slide feet back in to hands, raise into partial squat with hands on thighs and do standing cat/cow
  16. Standing again, alternate sliding feet out to side; add sweep arms across body to opposite side; arm sweeps change to arm circles
  17. Alternate sliding feet back; changes to slide back lunges on one leg; add raising arms overhead while in lunge then rotating arms and torso toward sliding leg at top of lunge
  18. Round and straighten spine while doing flowing figure 8 arms; add bending knees and forward folding while continuing to do figure 8 arms
  19. Repeat #17 on other side of body
  20. Repeat #18
  21. Alternate sliding feet out to side while traveling forward and back; add sweeping arms side to side
  22. Slide out into wide plie squat then slide foot back in, alternate sides; add twisting torso to side while also extending arms to side each time you squat
  23. Wide plie pulse squats; while remaining in wide plie squat, slide one foot in and out, turning torso/shoulders to one side while sliding leg in and while also sweeping arms side to side around body
  24. Repeat #23 on other side of body
  25. Wide plie pulse squats with arms extended out to sides of body in a T; add a side bend while lowering one arm down toward floor and other to ceiling, alternate sides while continuing to pulse squat; pulses change to full pile squats with same arm/torso movements

For more info on JessicaSmithTV and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


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