Low Impact Full Body HIIT Workout

Heather Robertson is a new to me YouTube fitness trainer. YouTube recommended her workouts to me and after previewing a few, I was very intrigued. Since recently completing a bodyweight rotation, I have been looking for ways to incorporate more push ups into my workouts. This workout has some push ups in it so it seemed like a good doubles workout. I also like that it is low impact–which makes it a good travel workout.

I really enjoyed Low Impact Full Body HIIT. It is a winner! I got a great workout and burned 250 calories in 30 minutes (plus a short warm up and stretch I added on). This workout is visually different then most YouTube workouts. There is no talking or even voice overs, just music. You just follow along with Heather as she does the exercises. There is a counter in the bottom right hand corner of the screen, counting down your interval. During the 15 second recovery between exercises, the next exercise is featured in a rectangle in the upper right hand corner of the screen along with a clock, counting down the 15 seconds. Visually, I loved this workout and the music was great. Though there are no voice overs, it is reminiscent of Mark Lauren’s workouts.

Low Impact Full body HIIT Workout is 30:30 minutes; 40 second intro, no warm up and no stretch. Workout is set up in 45 second intervals with 15 second rest periods.

  1. Lateral skaters, tapping the floor
  2. Mountain climbers
  3. Lunge and twist (deep reverse lunge raising both arms overhead (hands clasped) and at top of lunge do a  knee raise, when raising knee twist clasped hands toward hip)
  4. Repeat #3 on other side of body
  5. Touch downs (step wide to side and touch one hand to floor, bring feet together while raising both arms overhead, alternate sides)
  6. Repeat #1-5
  7. Shuffle ups (while in squat, take 2 wide steps to side then stand and do jumping jack arms (once) overhead, alternate sides)
  8. Plank toe taps (in straight arm plank, alternate tapping toes out to side)
  9. Plank press up (start in straight arm plank, do one push up, step feet into hands, raise into a squat, stand and raise both arms overhead, squat, place hands on ground and step back out into plank)
  10. In + Out Squat (one narrow squat, step out and do one wide squat, step back in and do a narrow squat, step out to other side and do one wide squat)
  11. Inchworm (start standing, forward fold and walk hands out to plank, do a cobra stretch then walk hands back to feet and stand)
  12. Repeat #7-11
  13. Alternating side lunges, reaching arms overhead between lunges
  14. In down dog, alternate reaching one hand back to tap opposite ankle
  15. Star steps (low impact jacks with a narrow squat between each side)
  16. T Push ups (do one push up then rotate into side plank with top arm reaching to ceiling, alternate sides with a push up between)
  17. Squat and punch (air squats with an alternating front punch at top)
  18. Repeat #13-17

For more info on Heather Robertson’s workouts and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


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