Heather Robertson 4 Week Rotation

I have done more of Heather Robertson’s YouTube workouts than any other trainer on YouTube. She is one of my favorite trainers and creates some of the most effective and most enjoyable workouts out there. And they are all yours to do for free. Heather has already created quite a few rotations using her own workouts. What makes this rotation different, is that I am using all of my favorite Heather Robertson workouts. Now, this was very hard because I haven’t done a Heather Robertson workout that I haven’t liked. But I consider the workouts collected in this rotation to be her best. I am also structuring this rotation in a way that feels logical for me.

A little bit about Heather and her workouts (a lot of this is copied from Heather’s trainer page). Heather is fitness model, fitness trainer and nutrition coach. The majority of her workouts have no verbal cuing. They are set to excellent and motivating music. The majority of her workouts are also interval based. Heather performs every exercise in the workout and all you do is follow her perfect form. These workouts are not for beginners for several reasons. First, you need to know how to perform all of these exercises with proper form because Heather gives no form instruction. And second, they are all challenging workouts. You can obviously make any workout more or less challenging by using heavier or lighter dumbbells that are more appropriate to your strength level rather than just using whatever Heather is using. And you can make any workout easier through modifications. If you need modifications and do not know how to modify exercises, then Heather’s workouts, and therefore this rotation, are not for you. However, if you are intent on doing this rotation (or Heather’s workouts), she has created a short form video. She has also created a video with examples of how to modify some of her exercises to make them easier.

Even though there is no verbal cuing, there are a lot of other ways Heather cues you in her workouts. First, there are timers on the screen that count down your intervals and your recoveries. During the recoveries Heather previews the next/upcoming exercise so that you can prepare. No just mentally prepare but also you can gauge and choose what weight you will need to perform the next exercise. There are little beeps that alert you to the beginning and end of an interval. This is important because you cannot always have your eyes on the TV for every exercise (for example, push ups).

The majority of Heather’s workouts are metabolic strength workouts–you will build strength and muscle while also burning lots of calories. You do not need a lot of equipment to do Heather’s workouts. She has a lot of body weight workouts. Most of her workouts require nothing more than a few sets of dumbbells and a fitness mat. She does have some workouts that use booty bands, a stability ball, kettlebells and resistance bands but those are only a small percentage of her workouts. For the workouts used in this rotation, you need a wide variety of dumbbells, a fitness mat, kettlebell(s), a chair, a booty band, ankle weights and a fitness mat.

Heather has workouts as short as 5 minutes and as long as over an hour though the standard length is 30-40 minutes. She has workouts that include both a warm up and a stretch, workouts that just have a stretch and workouts that have neither. But, don’t fret! She also has warm ups and stretches you can use as add ons. In addition, due to the various lengths of her workouts, you can stack them to create workouts of any length and content you want.

On to the rotation.

Here is how this rotation will work. You will workout every single day. One of those days will be a recovery day using Heather’s yoga workouts followed by her gentle stretch and mobility workouts. She only has 2 yoga workouts and 2 full length stretch and mobility workouts, so those 4 workouts will be repeated. But those are the only 4 workouts in this rotation that will be repeated. Other than your recovery day you will do a different workout every day. Since I workout for an hour every morning, I will assume that there are other people who would also like to workout for an hour every day. So most days that the workout is 45 minutes or less, I will also offer an optional finisher/add on workout. On your recovery day I do not list either of the workouts as optional. However, depending on how you feel on that day, you are welcome to just do the gentle mobility/flexibility workout and skip the yoga workout. Or you could just do a different one each Day 7 and never repeat a workout the entire 4 weeks. Every workout in the rotation below has been reviewed on this blog so you can prepare for it in advance–have your equipment ready and determine how heavy you will be lifting.

Here is how I schedule my workouts in YouTube. I have created a private playlist on YouTube for each day of the week. Every Sunday I get out my rotation for the week and plug in my workouts on the days I plan to do them in the order I plan to do them. Then in the morning I just go to the YouTube app on my AppleTV, click on the playlist I created for that day, choose the first workout, hit play and it will play straight through all of the workouts in the playlist from beginning to end. You can use this rotation post to do the same thing. Click on the workout review; the link to the YouTube workout is in each review, so you can create your playlists directly from this rotation. I also recommend subscribing to YouTube premium which lets you play videos without those annoying commercials. They will give you a free month. Long enough to get through this rotation. It is worth it if you are doing YouTube workouts every day like I do.

Enjoy this rotation!

Week 1:

Day 1: Leg Day Strength Workout // For Lean Legs (33:30 minutes) + Optional Legs & Booty // Workout with Ankle Weights (22:30 minutes)

Day 2: Back Sculpting // Upper Body Strength Workout (26:30 minutes) + Upper Body Strength Workout // with Dumbbells (23 minutes)

Day 3: Cardio Kickboxing Workout (29:30 minutes) + Optional Low Impact Tabata Workout // No Equipment (10 minutes) + 10 Minute Full Body Mobility and Flexibility Routine

Day 4: Kettlebell HIIT Workout // Full Body HIIT Workout (36:30 minutes) + Optional  12 Minute HIIT // Upper Body Workout Using Kettlebells (13 minutes) + Quick Daily Stretching Routine (10:30 minutes)

Day 5: HIIT Barre Fusion (28 minutes) + Optional Inner + Outer Thigh Slimming Workout (14 minutes) + Full Body Stretch // Great for Tight Hips (12 minutes)

Day 6: Total Body Strength Workout // Dumbbell Supersets (48:30 minutes)

Day 7: Yoga Inspired Full Body Workout (32:30 minutes) + Relaxing Full Body Stretch // Flexibility & Mobility (26 minutes)

Week 2:

Day 1: No Repeat Leg Workout // With Dumbbells (34 minutes) + Optional The Best At Home Booty Workout // No Equipment (20 minutes)

Day 2: Upper Body Toning // No Repeats Workout (39:30 minutes) + Optional 10 Minute Standing Abs Workout // No Equipment (11 minutes)

Day 3: Low Impact HIIT Cardio + Legs Workout (40 minutes) + Optional Standing Side Booty (Hip Dip) Workout (10 minutes) + Mini Band Workout for Strong Glutes // No Repeats Booty Workout (13 minutes)

Day 4: Kettlebell Circuit // Full Body Workout (42 minutes) + Optional Total Body Tabata Workout // 12 Minute Tabata with Weights (17:30 minutes)

Day 5: 30 Minute Low Impact HIIT Workout (36 minutes) + Optional Low Impact Cardio + Abs Workout // No Repeats, No Jumping, No Equipment (23:30 minutes)

Day 6: Insane Total Body HIIT Workout // 40 Exercises in 40 Minutes (52:30 minutes)

Day 7: Full Body Yoga Fusion // HIIT Workout (30 minutes) + Day 7 Home Workout Challenge // Full Body Stretch & Recovery (28 minutes)

Week 3:

Day 1: Killer Leg Day // Lower Body Strength Workout (40:30 minutes) + Optional At Home Toned Thighs Workout // No Equipment (19 minutes)

Day 2: Chest, Back & Shoulders Workout // Strength Supersets (42 minutes) + Optional Low Impact Standing Abs Workout // With Weights (9 minutes)

Day 3: 5 Minute Warm Up // Before You WorkoutLow Impact Full Body HIIT Workout (30:30 minutes) + Full Body Stretch // Recovery Day Workout (14 minutes)

Day 4: 40 Minute Kettlebell Workout // Full Body Cardio & Strength (45 minutes)

Day 5: HIIT Pilates Workout // Total Body Fusion Workout (28 minutes) + Optional Full Body HIIT Pilates Workout // Fusion (31 minutes)

Day 6: Power Hour!! 60MIN No Repeat Workout (Full Body // Dumbbells) (68 minutes)

Day 7: Yoga Inspired Full Body Workout (32:30 minutes) + Relaxing Full Body Stretch // Flexibility & Mobility (26 minutes)

Week 4:

Day 1: Leg Day // Warm Up Routine (7 minutes) + HIIT Booty Bootcamp (29:30 minutes) + Brutal HIIT Workout for Legs, Glutes + Thighs (21 minutes)

Day 2: Sculpted Upper Body // Dynamic + Isometric Workout (43:30 minutes)

Day 3: 40 Minute Pop Workout — No Jumping HIIT (38:30 minutes) + Recovery Workout // Stretch + Relaxation (12:30 minutes)

Day 4: Kettlebell HIIT Workout (52 minutes)

Day 5: Pilates Fusion // Full Body HIIT Workout (35:30 minutes) + Optional Inner + Outer Thigh Toning Workout // Low Impact, No Equipment (21 minutes)

Day 6: 1 Hour // No Repeat HIIT Workout (69 minutes)

Day 7: Full Body Yoga Fusion // HIIT Workout (30 minutes) + Day 7 Home Workout Challenge // Full Body Stretch & Recovery (28 minutes)


22 thoughts on “Heather Robertson 4 Week Rotation

    1. I had to use Google Translate to understand the question. If it translated properly, the answer is, scroll down in this post and there is the rotation. For more rotations, click on the link at the top of the screen “Workout Rotations.”


  1. This looks awesome! I’ve been doing Caroline pretty exclusively, but feel I need to be doing more metabolic workouts for awhile. I’ve done a few of Heather’s workouts, it’s just so hard when they put out so many new workouts to choose! I’m working on getting some kettlebells but right now have zero. Would her kettlebell workouts suffice with dumbbells? And what weight on kettlebells would you start with if you were starting out?Looking at maybe 3-4 sets. I thought about the plates you suggested in your kettlebell rotation but I don’t have a barbell either so I would have to buys plates as well. I lift very similar to you and usually check your blog to see what you lifted. Thanks for all your reviews, you’ve never steered me wrong!


    1. Hi Lauren! I feel Heather’s workouts and Caroline’s workouts really complement each other. It is hard to do Caroline every day (for me at least!) so interspersing Heather’s workouts gives my mind and body a welcome break. And I agree–they both have so many workouts. That is why I created a trainer page dedicated to both of them. I cannot keep track of my own reviews of their workouts otherwise!

      And yes, you can substitute dumbbells for kettlebells for most exercises. There are some exercises that having the handle makes it easier to lift heavier. A basic swing is one of them. You also cannot do some of the moves like a snatch with a dumbbell but that is actually a good thing because if done improperly a snatch is an injury waiting to happen. There is another move that I am blanking on but it is also difficult to do with a dumbbell but again, that is a good thing for the same reason–it can cause injury if done wrong with a kettlebell. So I wouldn’t worry too much about having to substitute dumbbells for kettlebells. You will still get a great workout.

      If you are starting out buying kettlebells, I would start with a 15 and a 20 pound kettlebell. I only recommend that because if you are lifting what I am lifting then those are two basic kettlebell weights you will use the most. For exercises you need lighter kettlebells for, substituting a dumbbell will make no difference. If you want a 3rd kettlebell then I would go up–25 is the other kettlebell weight I use the most. 15, 20 and 25 are my most frequently used kettlebells.

      Hope this helps!


      1. Yes Carolines workouts can be so taxing on the body. I just finished her Epic3 and have completed her other Epics, and while I’ve had great strength gains, my body needs a break! Also, most of Carolines workouts are muscle splits, even most of her full body workouts tend to lean on whichever body part you only worked once. I’m starting to feel a bit puffy and need to lean out some. And I’d like to see more of Heathers workouts! But I did see your rotation with Caroline/Heather hybrid and I have a feeling I’ll be trying that next!

        Thanks for the recommendation on the kettlebells, that’s kind of what I was thinking but wanted to double check with you. I love your rotations, I’ve done a few of your older ones, it helps me tremendously as I don’t have the time to plan things out and you always know the best workouts! Happy Holidays!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you for creating this rotation. I will be starting it from Monday. And yes, if you ever create a Heather / Caroline rotation, I will be on it too. Thank you for your page.


    1. You’re welcome! I actually have several rotations in the works. A Caroline Girvan one that will post next week, plus a Heather/Caroline hybrid that should also post next week shortly after I post the Caroline only rotation. Then late August or early September I plan to create another Heather rotation using a lot of her newer workouts (plus some of her best older workouts).


  3. Thanks a lot for this wonderful rotation. I love your blog. I love all your reviews and rotations. I read that you are currently working with Heather and Caroline and other awesome YouTube trainers. Would love if you could share with us your current rotation of these awesome trainers I love to mix and match as well , also another request for a kettle bell rotation if possible. Thanks for this wonderful blog. ❤️
    Also have you tried Sydney Cummings on YouTube she is good too.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Ashima! I’m so glad you enjoyed the rotation. I do plan to create some more rotations. And yes! I want to do a kettlebell rotation. It will be made up of Heather and Caroline Girvan workouts and maybe some workouts by one or 2 other YouTube trainers. I haven’t decided yet. I will definitely do a Caroline Girvan rotation and I am even thinking of doing a mix rotation of Heather and Caroline, which is basically how I workout now–except I also do a lot of Naomi Joy workouts.

      My biggest problem is how prolific Heather and Caroline are. They have so many workouts and just keep creating more! Before I create rotations I feel like I have to do a lot of their workouts so I can choose the best workouts. Which is hard because they create so many awesome workout! I can do the kettlebell rotation fairly soon though. I have Heather’s most recent kettlebell workout scheduled for this month, so I will probably post that rotation soon after.

      Yes, Sydney has been recommended to me. I do follow her on YouTube but so far none of her workouts have jumped out at me as something I feel like I need to try. But frequently it is a design and/or title aspect that catches my eye. Caroline was recommended to me by a reader and when I visited her YouTube site, her well designed EPIC programs are what jumped out at me. Do you have a specific workout of Sydney’s you can recommend that is as good as Heather’s and Caroline’s workouts?


      1. Thanks a lot. I look forward to the Caroline and Heather rotation and the KB rotation.

        I love mixing workouts from Heather, Caroline, Cathe, Sydney, Bodyfit by Amy, Chris Freytag, Nourish Move Love Lindsay and my favourite fitness blender.
        I dont follow Sydney’s rotation, just pick up her random strength and metabolic workouts some days, but i really liked her October 20 Fit and Strong rotation, as I like pure strength rotation mixed with some cardio days and she had a lot of bonus workouts too that month. I also like working out for 50-60 minutes each day.
        Again really appreciate the wonderful content on your blog !!!

        Liked by 1 person

  4. I just completed this rotation and LOVED it! I was excited to do a whole month of Heather’s workouts but didn’t know how to organize them so I was really happy that you took the time to put it together. I’m a long time Cathe fan but her workouts are quite hard on my body, especially as I get older. Heather’s workouts are more doable for me because the recovery length is appropriate for the interval, so my workouts end up being more efficient because I don’t have to take extra breaks. I am excited to explore more of her workouts. 😁

    I will definitely return to Cathe (especially for strength training), but I will certainly include Heather in my rotations from now on!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am so glad you enjoyed the rotation I created. I love Heather’s workouts. She has become like Cathe for me. I still love Cathe’s workouts and I will probably start doing them again at some point, but Heather and a few others are my go-to trainers now.


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