Upper Body Strength Workout // with Dumbbells

Upper Body Strength Workout // with Dumbbells is an excellent strength workout from Heather Robertson. This morning I did this workout in combination with another of Heather’s upper body workouts (Upper Body Strength + Arm Toning) and my entire upper body was well worked. I started with this one and by the end of this workout I was seriously wondering if this short workout was plenty–no more strength work was needed for my upper body! But Upper Body Strength + Arm Toning hits the muscles differently, plus I got some recovery between the workouts (the stretch at the end of this workout and the other workout has a warm up) so I was able to power through the second workout fine. Together they hit every muscle in my upper body.

The structure of this workout is 4 supersets that are each repeated 3 times. The exercises are not timed. Instead you are counting reps and going for 12 reps. There is a counter in the bottom right hand corner of the screen counting down your reps. While Heather is transitioning to the next exercise, a rectangle appears in the bottom right hand corner of the screen, previewing the next exercise.

Upper Body Strength Workout // with Dumbbells is 23 minutes; 30 second intro, no warm up and 2 minute stretch. Equipment: light, medium and heavy dumbbells (Heather is using 5, 10 and 25 pound dumbbells). The dumbbells listed below are what I used.

  1. Curl Twist Press (bicep curl to overhead press but twist torso to side when doing the overhead press, alternate sides) (13# DBs)
  2. Bent Arm Lateral Raise (8# DBs)
  3. Repeat #1 & 2 two more times
  4. Bent Over Rows (20# DBs)
  5. Push Ups
  6. Repeat 4 & 5 two more times
  7. Tricep Kickbacks (9# DBs)
  8. Pull Overs (laying on the mat) (one 30# DB)
  9. Repeat #7 & 8 two more times
  10. Rear Delt Flys (9# DBs)
  11. Push Press (squat w/ Arnold Press) (13# DBs)
  12. Repeat #10 & 11 two more times

For more info on Heather Robertson’s workouts and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


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