PopSugar: 30 Minute Standing Cardio Workout

I haven’t done a PopSugar/Anna Renderer workout in a long time and I don’t know why! This was a great cardio workout–I burned a ton of calories for a 35 minute workout–over 300 calories. Which, for me at least, is a lot for a 30 minute workout. I was working hard. And Anna, as always, made the workout more fun with her bubbly personality. If you do the advanced versions of all of the moves (which I did), it is pretty intense. There are also low impact versions of every move.

30 Minute Standing Cardio Workout is 34:30 minutes; no warm up (but the first time through Circuit 1 could count as your warm up by doing the low impact version of all of the exercises) and 5:30 minute cool/down stretch. There is a beginner/low impact modifier and an advanced modifier. Anna is doing an intermediate version (but the advanced modifier is usually doing the same thing as Anna).

Circuit 1:

  1. Skip rope (add a butt kick for advanced)
  2. Double hops; changes to single leg hops
  3. Gate Swings (slow wide plié jacks) (the second time through the circuit both Anna and the advanced modifier add cross jacks after the wide plié)
  4. Scissor jacks
  5. Reverse lunge into front kick (the second time through the circuit both Anne and the advanced modifier add touching the ground during the reverse lunge)
  6. Alternating curtsy lunges; changes to lateral skaters
  7. Squat jump forward and back (the second time through it both Anne and the advanced modifier change it to 180 jump squats)
  8. Water break

Repeat Circuit 1

Circuit 2:

  1. High knee skips with jump rope arms
  2. Shuffle Pick Up (shuffle to side and when legs are wide, squat while sweeping one hand down along the floor as if picking something up off the floor, alternate sides)
  3. Jumping jacks while punching arms overhead
  4. Cross jacks (crossing both straight arms and legs)
  5. Wide sumo squat bringing both elbows to same side knee and when you stand, raise one knee and bring opposite elbow to knee, alternate sides; advanced version is adding a hop to knee raise
  6. Alternating side lunges with a shuffle between sides
  7. Alternating reverse lunges with a hop when bringing feet together
  8. Water Break

Repeat Circuit 2

For more info on Popsugar and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


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