Killer Leg Day // Lower Body Strength Workout

Killer Leg Day // Lower Body Strength Workout is another great lower body workout from Heather Robertson. This one is designed to use heavier dumbbells and it looks like Heather has upgraded her dumbbells. I personally love workouts that use heavy dumbbells so this was a real treat for me. Heather has thousands of workouts on YouTube and though I’ve done a lot of them, I’ve still only done a fraction. But in the ones I have done, she never uses dumbbells as heavy as what she used in this workout. Her heaviest is usually 25 pounds. I noticed in this one she was having some grip problems with the 45 pound dumbbell. She should have worn lifting gloves like I do! On the sumo squat, every time you returned to the exercise she did something to try to hold it differently until finally, the 3rd time through the exercise she was holding it like I do–by the bar. Heather used some different music in this workout than what she usually uses and I did not care for it. I like the music she usually uses. But other than the music, this was an excellent workout. Since I workout for an hour in the mornings, I finished it off with one of her other, shorter lower body workouts, Brutal HIIT Workout // Legs, Glutes + Thighs, which, as the title indicates, is brutal and that completely finished me off. Between the two workouts my legs were seriously fried. So I got an excellent and intense lower body workout this morning, thanks to Heather.

This workout consists of 10 lower body exercises. Each exercise is done for 40 seconds followed by 20 seconds of recovery. Each exercise is also done 3 times before you move on to the next exercise. There is a timer in the lower right hand corner of the screen counting down your intervals and recoveries. During the recovery Heather previews the next exercise.

Killer Leg Day // Lower Body Strength Workout is 40:40 minutes; 3:30 minute warm up and 6 minute stretch. Equipment: dumbbells, a fitness mat and a towel. I needed the towel for my hips during the glute bridges–the dumbbell was hurting my hip bones. Apparently it was hurting Heather’s, too, because when you do the glute bridge pulses, she also has a towel under her dumbbell. Heather is using 25, 30 and 45 pound dumbbells. The weights listed below are what I used.

  1. 1.5 goblet squat (pulse 2x at bottom of goblet squat) (one 40# DB)
  2. Repeat #1 two more times
  3. Stationary lunge (left leg) (hold one DB in same side hand as front leg) (one 25# DB)
  4. Repeat #1 two more times
  5. Repeat #3 & 4 on other side of body
  6. Glute bridge w/ DB on hips (one 25# DB)
  7. Repeat #1 two more times
  8. Stiff leg deadlift (35# DBs)
  9. Repeat #1 two more times
  10. Sumo squat (one 45# DB)
  11. Repeat #1 two more times
  12. Knee drive (left leg) (hold one DB goblet style, reverse lunge and at top of lunge, raise knee) (one 25# DB)
  13. Repeat #1 two more times
  14. Repeat #12 & 13
  15. Alternating stationary side lunges (hold one DB goblet style) (one 25# DB)
  16. Repeat #1 two more times
  17. Glute bridge pulses w/ DB on hips (hold bridge at top of bridge and pulse hips upwards) (one 25# DB)
  18. Repeat #1 two more times

For more info on Heather Robertson’s workouts and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


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