Low Impact Cardio + Abs Workout // No Repeats, No Jumping, No Equipment

Low Impact Cardio + Abs Workout // No Repeats, No Jumping, No Equipment is one of Heather Robertson‘s newer workouts. In fact, she just posted it a week ago. I actually meant to get to a quicker but life intervened. This another of Heather’s awesome and intense low impact workouts. I love these workouts! Great cardio–no jumping. This one is a no equipment workout, too, but I had some 3 pound hand weights nearby that I used for some of the exercises. This workout has no warm up but a warm up isn’t really necessary. It does have a stretch at the end. Another winner from Heather!

This workout is done interval style. Each exercise is done for 45 seconds with 15 seconds of rest. There is a count down clock in the lower right hand corner. During the recovery the next exercise is previewed in the center of the screen with the recovery clock counting down over it. The entire workout is set to music, no talking. Sometimes Heather does voice overs for the warm ups and stretches, but not in this one.

Low Impact Cardio + Abs Workout // No Repeats, No Jumping, No Equipment is 23:30 minutes; no warm up (a warm up is not really needed) and 3 minute stretch. As mentioned above, I used 3 pound hand weights for some of the exercises to increase intensity. I indicate which ones in the breakdown below.

  1. Squat & Punch (squat and cross punch, alternate sides) (3# DBs)
  2. Climber Taps (mountain climbers–tap knee with opposite hand)
  3. Knee Drive + Twist (alternating knee raise, rotate torso and clasped hands to side of knee that is raising) (one 3# DB)
  4. Inchworm + Push Up (start standing, hinge forward and walk hands out into plank, do 2 quick push ups, walk hands back to feet, stand and reach arms overhead)
  5. Frog Steps (alternating side step squats, while in squat, tap fingertips to floor, between each squat raise both arms overhead)
  6. Lat Pull + Kick (squat + hamstring curls, alternate sides, throughout arms are reaching overhead while squatting and when doing a hamstring curl, pull elbows down to sides)
  7. Bear Climber (in straight arm plank, alternate walking feet in underneath body then back out to plank)
  8. Ski Jumper (squat and swing arms behind you, stand and raise onto toes while reaching arms overhead)
  9. Plank + Reach (in elbow plank, alternate reaching one arm out in front of you)
  10. Cross Glider (stationary alternating side lunges reaching opposite hand toward foot when lunging and reaching other arm behind you)
  11. 20 second rest
  12. Bicycle Crunch
  13. Squat + Toe Tap (while holding squat isometrically, alternate tapping leg out to side)
  14. Squat + Pull Back (squat while pushing arms out in front of you and when you stand, pull elbows back) (3# DBs)
  15. Lateral Speed Skaters (3# DBs)
  16. Crab Dance (in crab, tap hand to opposite foot, alternate sides)
  17. Star Steps (narrow squat, reaching hands down to ankles then stand and step to side with jack arms, alternate sides with a narrow squat between)
  18. Boxer Crunch (start sitting on mat, roll back, lifting hips and pushing feet up to ceiling, roll back up to sitting with legs wide and straight on ground and cross punch with each hand) (3# DBs)
  19. Hop + Shuffle (2 side squat steps + stand, lifting onto toes while reaching arms overhead)
  20. T Push Ups (one push up then rotate into side plank, reaching top arm to ceiling, alternate sides with a push up between each side plank)
  21. Cross Jacks (keeping legs straight, step out side and touch outside toe with opposite hand, alternate sides while reaching arms overhead between each side)

For more info on Heather Robertson’s workouts and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


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