AngieFitnessTV: Quick Simple Step Aerobics

Quick Simple Step Aerobics is another workout in AngieFitnessTV‘s 15 Minutes to Fit Series. She has a lot. As of today, I’ve reviewed 17 of Angie’s 15 Minutes to Fit workouts and still have 9 more to try. And I plan to do them all because I love them! This one is a true step cardio workout. Angie teaches you step combos then puts them together into a longer combo. She creates 3 different combos. There is no dedicated warm up but the first combo is so basic it serves as the warm up. You go through the first combo several times then you move onto the second combination. Once you learn that, she combines combos 1 and 2. You run through that several times then you move on to combo 3. After she teaches you combo 3 and you run that several times, she combines all 3 combos together and you run through the complete combo several times. All in just under 23 minutes!

Angie created these workouts to be used as finishers and they are perfect for that but you can also stack several of them together for an excellent longer workout and that is how I used them this morning. I stacked two of them together for a 40 minute cardio step workout and man was I working hard! I started with Cardio Step which is a very simple interval style step cardio workout and finished with this one. This one isn’t as mindless as Cardio Step because of the combos but the combos are not complicated. So don’t worry–you should have no problems learning it. I hate complex choreography. I have 2 left feet and I had no problems. Like many of Angie’s workouts, the intensity is up to you. She did the workout on a 6 inch step. I did it on an 8 inch step while also wearing an 8 pound vest. In 40 minutes (both workouts done back to back), I burned 379 calories and “walked” 4127 steps. I was in my peak heart rate zone for 20 minutes of the workout! So I got a great and intense cardio step workout. And this was fun, too. I forgot to mention that. I enjoyed both workouts but this one has the fun factor that Cardio Step does not have. But they still work well together.

Quick Simple Step Aerobics is 22:45 minutes; no warm up and 2 minute cool down/stretch. Equipment: step @ 6 inches. This workout is entirely low impact and made up of simple step combinations. The step moves featured include basic steps on the step and corner to corner knees, mamba step w/ pivot step, Charleston kick, windmills (Cathe would call this a power 3 but without the “power”), repeater knees and alternating front knee pulls. She uses these moves in 3 separate step combinations then combines them all together at the end into one long step combo that you repeat several times.

For more info on AngieFitnessTV and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


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