JessicaSmithTV: Sunset Barefoot Walk

Sunset Barefoot Walk is a nice, low key cardio walk from Jessica Smith. I’m doing these lower key walks as my doubles workouts this week because my morning workouts are kicking my a$$! So after work, I am just trying to get some more steps in and some more movement. I really enjoy these lower key workouts from Jessica because not only does she give you some cardio, but she always moves your upper body through large, full ranges of motion. So you are moving and working everything, plus it feels good

During the workout Jessica apologizes for the workout not being perfect like a DVD workout but says she does these free YouTube workouts because she wants to spend more time working out with the home exerciser. I hope no one expects perfection. I love Jessica’s YouTube workouts and I love their imperfection. Jessica provides me with workouts that are not only effective but that I also find oddly comforting. She challenges me, too, but also makes me feel like I am working out with a supportive friend. And we usually get some Peanut, too. I love Peanut’s appearances. Peanut did not join us in the workout though.

Sunset Barefoot Walk is 33:30 minutes; 3 minute warm up and 3:30 minute stretch. You are marching in place between every move. This walk is entirely low impact.

  1. Double side steps
  2. While marching in place, reach one arm out to side and pull it back in to ribs; changes to reaching one arm overhead and pulling back down to shoulder
  3. Repeat #2 on other arm
  4. Raise arms overhead wide and pull elbows down to ribs
  5. Double side steps; add wide arm circles
  6. Wide march
  7. With legs wide, do alternating toe taps while also turning hips as you tap; add reaching one arm forward as you tap, alternate arms; changes to reaching one arm overhead, alternate arms
  8. With legs still wide, do alternating toe taps while keeping hips forward, and reaching arms forward then pulling them back; changes to reaching arms overhead and pulling them back down
  9. March forward and back
  10. Alternating knee raises while reaching opposite arm overhead; changes to pulling elbow to opposite knee
  11. Double side steps w/ swimming arms; continue the swimming arms but circle them overhead
  12. With legs still wide, do alternating toe taps while keeping hips forward; add alternating arm circles
  13. Wide march
  14. Alternating cross taps to the front; add alternating arm reaches overhead
  15. Wide march; march narrow; march wide again
  16. With legs still wide, do alternating toe taps while keeping hips forward and doing a partial squat between taps; add crossing one bent goal-post arm to side when tapping; changes to pushing both arms in front you and pulling hands back to hips; changes to pushing both arms overhead and pulling hands down to shoulder level
  17. Forward V steps; add reaching arms overhead when stepping forward and reach arms down when stepping back
  18. Step knee on an angle then step back, alternate sides; add squatting when doing the knee raise
  19. Repeat #17 & 18
  20. Repeat #11
  21. Cross step to the front + fast triple step to change sides
  22. One step forward + fast triple step + one step back (other leg)
  23. Alternating taps to the front; changes to alternating knee raises; bring elbow down toward opposite knee as it raises
  24. Repeat #21 & 22
  25. Alternate tapping feet out to sides; add a squat when tapping feet out
  26. Pulsing narrow squat; remain in squat and do double squat walks to each side; add wide single arm circles to the side you are squat walking
  27. With legs wide, do alternating toe taps while also swinging arms forward and back in opposition; continue the tapping but hold arms straight out to side in a T and do small arm circles; arms change to bent arm chest flys
  28. March in place with arms extended in front of you at shoulder level, elbows bent and fingers pointed to the ceiling, push arms overhead from this starting position; arms change to tricep kickbacks; changes to straight arm criss-crossed in front of body; changes to straight arm tricep press backs
  29. Step out wide then step back in narrow

For more info on JessicaSmithTV and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


3 thoughts on “JessicaSmithTV: Sunset Barefoot Walk

  1. Thanks for posting all theses great reviews of Jessica Smith’s streaming workouts. I have basically on a work out binge since. I was wondering if you could tell me what her most advanced cardio or walking workouts are. I am on a budget but I want to support her generosity… btw it is wonderful to read that you are doing doubles again and getting stronger everyday!


    1. Are you referring to her DVD workouts or her YouTube workouts? Her most advanced DVD workouts are Walk Strong 3, 10 Pounds Down: Better Body Blast and Cardio Abs. For her YouTube workouts High Intensity Interval Cardio + Abs, HIIT Cardio & Core, HIIT it Hard Cardio, HIIT Mash Up, HIIT Strength Pilates Yoga Mash Up and Leg Day. She has more YouTube ones but those are the ones that jump out me when I scan her YouTube workouts I’ve reviewed.


      1. I was referring to the dvd workouts. I want to purchase a few of her workouts but can’t afford too buy things I won’t get much use out of. Thank you for your help 🙂

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