JessicaSmithTV: Kickboxing Ballet

Kickboxing Ballet is 29 minutes long; 45 second intro. The warm up is about 3 minutes and, since the workout starts with the ballet/barre portion of the workout–that is what the warm up consists of: gentle dynamic ballet type of moves. Then you go into some more aggressive (but not difficult) ballet/barre work, then you do approx 12 minutes of kickboxing then you return to ballet/barre work. The 2 minute cool down is ballet style stretching. I wore my weighted gloves for this workout due to the kickboxing and that probably helped make this workout slightly more intense but overall it wasn’t a super intense workout.

For the first ballet/barre portion, you do a lot of plie pulses then you add some pulsing lunges (pivoting to the side into lunge from plie). For the kickboxing you do a lot of punch drills, knee pull/cross punch combo, side kicks, criss-cross jacks, speed bag arms then you transition back into ballet/barre by doing a front knee lift + back straight leg lift then you start barre work which is lifting and lowering your straight back leg then attitude pulses behind you (hydrant leg behind body), then plie squats w/ feet in 5th position–you jump to switch feet (you pulse squat 4x then jump to swap foot position), more wide plie pulses w/ heel lifts and some arm movements before it moves into the cool down

I did like this workout but I didn’t love it. It will not be one of my go-to Jessica Smith workouts. But I did enjoy it. Just not as much as her other workouts. Apparently this fusion of ballet/barre and kickboxing was a suggestion from one of Jessica’s followers. Jessica even says at the end that it was an experiment and it needs some “fine tuning.” I do think it had potential–but I agree, some fine tuning is needed. One negative (for me at least) was the music she used. The music itself was fine but it was spinning music so the tempo would change for people in a spinning class (sprints and recoveries). Well, that tempo change didn’t always jive with what Jessica was doing in this workout–so sometimes one side of the body was worked at a much slower tempo than the other side of the body.

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