JessicaSmithTV: Barefoot Fusion Walk

Barefoot Fusion Walk is a low impact cardio workout that “combines walking with some dance and pilates inspired movement” from Jessica Smith. I have been doing a lot of Jessica’s free YouTube walking workouts lately and so far, this one is the most intense. It is a moderate intensity workout but it definitely got my heart rate more elevated than her other YouTube walking workouts that I’ve done so far. This was a very enjoyable workout. There were no difficult or challenging moves but Jessica gets your heart rate elevated while mixing in standing core work. I loved this workout and will definitely be returning to it in the coming months.

Barefoot Fusion Walk is 28:30 minutes long; if there was a warm up I was not aware of it, 1:30 minute cool down/stretch. The moves are all pretty basic so I am not going to break this workout down in detail like I do many others. What follows is the moves you will see and the order they appear; however, she returns to some of the exercises several times in the course of the workout. March in place, side steps, heel taps, side to side heel taps that change to side leg raises, tap backs that change to leg raises to the back, step forward and back, step out and in, step to the side and back, cross over step w/ 3 fast steps. All of these exercises have various arm combinations to increase intensity while also better incorporating the core. The workout ends with standing body weight strength work: hinge forward w/ flat back then raise back straight; remain hinged forward and extend arms straight in front of you, alternate reaching one arm behind you then return to front of you; slowly raise and lower one straight leg in front of you while pulsing straight arms behind you; standing circle crunches.

For more info on JessicaSmithTV and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


15 thoughts on “JessicaSmithTV: Barefoot Fusion Walk

  1. Hi Jen, I workout for fun and stress release. Since I moved to Calgary, I find I dread advanced level workouts ( I believe it’s the altitude and weather here which make me feel tired in general). Now I do mostly Ellen Barrett, Jessica Smith, Kari Anderson -fusion, pilates and barre style. And I walk with Leslie Sansone while watching a movie 🙂 I’ve heard that “what doesn’t challenge you doesn’t change you” but I don’t really care. Fun is most important. You’ve always been stronger than me though and I believe you’ll be back to weights as soon as your health permits.Take care ❤️

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    1. I agree with you tho. What is the point of doing it if you don’t enjoy it? And I hate dreading workouts. I find that even tho I will make it through a rotation and feel accomplished, I tend to not return to the workouts I dreaded anyway. And now that I have so many issues related to treatment, I am not even trying to overdo it anymore. And I am really enjoying my workouts! Today I bought even more Jessica workouts. I tend to be doing primarily Jessica and Barlates workouts anymore. As long as I have this port in my chest, I don’t know how heavy I will be able to lift. It was put in Friday and it affects everything my left arm and shoulder do. It causes pain, discomfort and limits my range of motion. I have read it affects people differently but it appears to be affecting me in the unpleasant way. )o: So I will probably be sticking with lots of Jessica and Barlates workouts–at least until this port is out, which is months down the road.


  2. I can’t wait for your reviews of these! Also thank you for enabling me to buy Jessica’s Boost Metabolism and Muscle DVD. It is the only DVD that uses dumbbells which I can convince myself to do ( I’ve entirely, happily moved away from Cathe & other advanced workouts)

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    1. Did you stop doing any other strength training (other than Jessica’s DVD)? What made you decide to stop? I actually miss it. I was starting to ramp things back up but on Friday I got my chemo port implanted and that has completely jacked my shoulder and arm up. So I am back to lifting no weights and no impact workouts. )o: I’ll probably be starting back at ground zero when I can start lifting again.


  3. I love your review, hats off to you for returning so fast to your workout regimen ❤️
    Jessica Smith’s walking DVDs are more intense than her Youtube walks. I have the 5 Fat Burning miles one and the 10000 Steps and love them! And the sunny background warms up my Canadian mornings.

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      1. I also have both of these DVDs and love them! I got the downloads and use them on my lunch breaks for a quick pick-me-up. The 15 minute blast DVD is wonderful, especially the ab walk. I really feel it in my abs and it’s super fun!

        Also, you should check out her Dance Party on YouTube. Real songs and goofy fun!

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      2. Thanks for letting me know about these! I have now ordered them both. Hopefully they will help me get through chemo while still exercising.


  4. I love this one! I return to it so often when I’m looking to get some steps in or just want to do something but nothing too crazy. So much fun and love the music!

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    1. Workouts like these are perfect for me right now! I am doing fine now, but chemo starts soon and I know I will be returning the these workouts by Jessica frequently during that period. I am so grateful she has these available.


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