The Firm: Calorie Killer

Calorie Killer is part of The Firm‘s Body Sculpting System 2 and is led by trainer Nancy Tucker. This workout is one of the Firm’s pure cardio workouts. It alternates circuits of floor or step cardio with more metabolic light weight training using the Fanny Lifter at 14 inches and the Sculpting Stick. The Fanny Lifter is a square step with two levels (6 inch and 8 inch) that fit together so that you also have a 14 inch square step. The Sculpting Stick is a body bar. It weighs 8 pounds and separates into 3 parts–two 2 pound “twigs” and one longer 4 pound bar.

I remember not liking this workout very much back in my Firm days. I am not sure why either. I don’t remember finding it too hard or too easy and I don’t remember disliking Nancy. However, returning to it this morning, I really enjoyed it. It is a solid cardio workout. Nothing crazy intense like a Cathe cardio workout, but it had it’s moments. It was fun and I really enjoyed it. I followed it up with a Firm Express pure cardio workouts and got an excellent hour long workout. I burned 500+ calories, so together they both gave me a great cardio workout. (I will be reviewing Firm Express but it has 12 twenty minute workouts, so I have to get through them all before it posts.)

Calorie Killer is 41 minutes long; 2 minute intro, 4:30 minute warm up and 3 minute stretch. Equipment: Fanny Lifter (or high step that goes to 14 inches) and the sculpting stick (or body bar and light dumbbells). I used my 9 pound sculpting stick and 5 pound dumbbells. There is a beginner modifier.

Circuit 1: Cardio using the sculpting stick (or body bar), placed on floor in front of you; you use it as a marker on the floor for the first minute then you pick up the stick and use it to increase intensity

  1. Step touch side to side; L step over stick; 2 hops + 1 squat jump
  2. Grapevine with upright row; add a samba front w/ bicep curl; add sambas to side and rear but keep upright row for those
  3. Tap toes front, side, front; add bicep curl to overhead press
  4. Combine 2 & 3
  5. Set stick on floor and do one squat jump + 2 hops; step touch side to side; changes to L step over stick; 2 hops + one squat jump
  6. Pick up stick and repeat #4

Circuit 2: Fanny Lifter @ 14 inches and 2 pound twigs (or light dumbbells–I used 5 pound dumbbells)

  1. Alternating step tap onto step; add overhead press; arms change to tricep kickbacks; arms change to bent arm side raise; arms change to hammer curls; repeat all of the arm movements while step tapping on step with other lead leg

Circuit 3: Step cardio using Fanny Lifter @ 8 inches

Circuit 4: Cardio on the floor (no equipment)

Circuit 5: Fanny Lifter @ 14 inches and sculpting stick

  1. Step on and off step; add a squat and bicep curl on floor after each step and off step; squats change to alternating side leg raise while tilting stick; side leg raises change to a shallow deadlift; repeat everything starting w/ other lead leg

Circuit 6: Cardio on the floor (no equipment)

Circuit 7: Step cardio using Fanny Lifter @ 8 inches

Circuit 8: Fanny Lifter @ 8 inches and sculpting stick

  1. Front lunge onto step w/ bicep curl; add alternating side tap after lunge w/ upright row
  2. Alternating rear lunge w/ upright row
  3. Combine 1 & 2
  4. Grapevine on floor w/ heel-toe tap
  5. Repeat 1 on other leg
  6. Repeat 2 & 3
  7. Repeat 4
  8. Using stick for balance, raise straight leg to side then to the back then push heel front (like a controlled front push kick)
  9. Calf pumps (heel raises)
  10. Repeat #8 on other leg
  11. Squat; add pulses

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