JessicaSmithTV: Cardio Core Flow

Cardio Core Flow is a low impact cardio workout that uses no equipment. It isn’t super intense but I worked up a sweat and I did enjoy it. It is a solid steady state cardio workout. Since there is no impact, part of the intensity comes from using large/broad arm movements and lots of torso twisting (to work the core). Jessica said if you like this workout to check out her 3 DVD set Walk On–I guess there is a workout on the Balance & Strength DVD in that collection that is similar to this one. There were a few combos that, though not necessarily complicated, still took me a few tries to get right–more like a rhythm challenge… as in I have no rhythm. But I still got a good workout. I did an intense boot camp workout this morning, so this was a perfect lower intensity workout to use for my doubles workout.

Cardio Core Flow is 25:30 minutes long; 1 minute intro, 4 minute warm up (side steps, hamstring curls, etc–with big arm movements) and 1 minute cool down/stretch. All of the moves in this workout have big arm movements and torso turns to work the core.

  1. Step knee w/ circle arms
  2. Side to side steps; changes to hamstring curls; keep alternating between these two moves–they both have big arm movements
  3. Side to side tap w/ cross knee lift; changes to repeater knee; alternate between these two moves (again, both of these moves have big arm movements)
  4. Step forward and back (big arm movements)
  5. Plie pulses with arms overhead and swaying torso side to side; changes to plie squat side to side w/ same upper body movements
  6. While in plie squat, still pulsing, pivot one knee in to a lunge, pivot back to plie then pivot other knee in to a lunge and back to plie–all while continuing to pulse and w/ big arm movements (“scooping” arm down while lunging)
  7. “Ball change step” behind you while raising one arm overhead, alternate sides; add plie squat between each ball change step
  8. Plie squat pulses while scooping arms in circles; changes to plie squat then narrow squat to side, plie squat then narrow squat to other side (same arm movements)
  9. Pulsing squat (toes forward now) and alternate bringing one arm to floor and other arm overhead
  10. Step one foot forward and back (figure 8 sweeps w/ arms)
  11. Step out to side and back in w/ arm movements and torso twists
  12. V step forward and back, twist elbows side to side
  13. Circle arms forward and back while rounding and arching back; then fast side stretches

For more info on JessicaSmithTV and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


4 thoughts on “JessicaSmithTV: Cardio Core Flow

  1. I love your reviews! They’ve been my go to for all of Cathe’s workouts, but especially her live. That brings me to my question for you. Do you know if you’ll be posting any reviews on her newer live workouts? I’ve been subscribed to her live and ondemand for a couple of months and have been doing a lot more recent workouts from live. I feel lost when I can’t find a review for them lol.

    Thanks for taking time to give all the breakdowns and feedback on all these workouts!


    1. Hi Michelle, I probably will subscribe to Cathe Live again at some point but right now it doesn’t make any sense to pay for it when I wouldn’t be doing it that frequently. When I am paying for it, I do it at least 3 times a week–usually more than that. But for the past few months (and the next few upcoming months) I am focusing on other things (including Cathe’s new program once it finally arrives!). I still do Cathe workouts (DVDs) but I am not doing them frequently enough to justify the monthly fee. There are some weeks when I don’t do any Cathe workouts then other weeks (like this week) where I have 3 Cathe workouts planned.


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