JessicaSmithTV: Power Interval Walk

Power Interval Walk is another free YouTube cardio walk from Jessica Smith. Peanut joins us for the entire workout, but she is curled up in her doggy bed behind Jessica, asleep. I really enjoyed this workout. It can be low impact if you need it to be by simply not increasing the impact on the intervals like Jessica does. Another short and effective cardio walk from Jessica.

Power Interval Walk is 30 minutes; 5 minute warm up and 2 minute cool down/stretch. You are marching in place between many of the moves.

  1. Wide side to side steps; changes to a double side step with a shuffle tap between each side step; add reaching arms overhead during the shuffle tap
  2. Alternating crossover kicks; arms are raised to shoulder level with elbows bent, turn torso/arms toward leg that is kicking
  3. Step out wide and back in
  4. Narrow squat pulse; step out into wide squat pulse; step back to narrow squat pulse; step out to wide squat pulse other side (first you will do 4 pulses then 2 pulses then singles)
  5. Remain in squat and alternate tapping foot out to side; changes to squat jacks
  6. Hamstring curls
  7. Step side to side; add arcing arms overhead hip to hip
  8. Step forward, raise knee and hold for a second, step forward and raise other knee and hold for a second, step back and raise knee and hold for a second, step back and hold for a second
  9. Cross-over mambos with cha-cha steps to change sides
  10. Alternating knee raises, pulling arms from in front of you to hips; changes to pulling arms from overhead down to hips
  11. Repeat #8-10
  12. Step side to side; move forward and back as you continue side stepping
  13. Alternating crossover heel digs, turning hips; add figure 8 arms hip to hip; changes to a fast crossover heel dig hop
  14. Repeat #6
  15. Calf pumps with jump rope arms; changes to hops
  16. March forward and back
  17. Repeat #15
  18. March in place with alternating front punches; add marching forward and back
  19. Do alternating heel digs to the side with legs wide; add turning torso side to side with heel dig while pushing opposite hand across body
  20. Keep legs wide and do stationary side lunges while hinging forward with running man arms
  21. Repeat #6
  22. Repeat #19 & 20
  23. Repeat #6
  24. Alternating front heel digs; changes to alternating front kicks
  25. Keeping heels on floor, alternate tapping toes

For more info on JessicaSmithTV and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


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