3 Mega Miles

At this year’s library sale, I bought a bunch of Leslie Sansone workouts for $1 each. I love Jessica Smith‘s walking workouts so much, I decided that I should try Leslie’s to compare. And if I like them, I have even more walking workouts to choose from. So I bought 5 of her walking DVDs. 3 Mega Miles is the first one I tried and I have a lot of mixed feelings. First, Leslie’s walking workouts are easier than Jessica’s, so they are perfect for a beginner. I wore a 4 pound weighted vest and 1 pound weighted gloves, but that is my new walking workout attire. I wear it for Jessica’s cardio walks, too. It does help increase intensity. Leslie also doesn’t use arm movements as liberally as Jessica. Jessica usually includes some form of arm movement with every move, which increases the intensity. Leslie didn’t even include a single arm movement until 9 minutes into this workout and then she used arm movements sporadically. However, having done so many of Jessica’s workouts, I know tons of walking arm movements and I inserted them throughout this workout to increase the intensity. With all of my additions, I got a decent steady state cardio workout. I burned 380 calories in 50 minutes. Plus, Leslie uses the band for upper body strength exercises and it actually started burning my shoulders and arms out! So that was a big bonus. I am limited (by my surgeon) to lifting no more than 3 pound dumbbells which really limits how much I can work my upper body. I have found ways to work it anyway through Barlates and Tracy Anderson workouts, but still, my upper body isn’t being worked nearly as well as it normally is. However, Leslie’s band work gave my upper body some very nice work.

Now for the negative. Leslie has a very shrill voice and her laugh is more of a cackle. Incredibly irritating. Plus, she frequently says “walk, walk, walk, walk”–it started grating on my nerves after the first few times. Then there is her chatter. Jessica talks a lot during her workouts, too, but it seems natural plus she is so likable. Leslie’s chatter seems forced, like she searching for something to say to fill the time, which just sounds like inane chatter punctuated with forced cackles. I’m going to try to get through all 5 DVDs but I’m not sure I can stand it. We’ll see.

3 Mega Miles contains a warm up, a cool down/stretch and 3 one mile walks. The workout is designed for you to do 3 miles in one walk which is 50 minutes long (including warm up and cool down/stretch). Or you can just choose to do one or two miles if you want to. It is not programmable but the main menu is chaptered and lists each segment separately.  For Mile 1 you have Leslie plus a whole crew of background walkers. For Mile 2 she only has a 2 person crew and for Mile 3 you just get Leslie–no crew.

The warm up is 2:30 minutes and the cool down/stretch is 6 minutes. You need a resistance band for Miles 2 & 3. You are always marching in place between moves.

Mile 1 is 14 minutes.

  1. March in place
  2. Alternating knee lifts
  3. Step side to side
  4. Alternating low front kicks
  5. Hamstring curls (Leslie calls them hamstring kickbacks)
  6. Tap toes out to side
  7. Repeat #2
  8. 4 steps forward + 1 low kick, 4 steps backward + 1 low kick
  9. Double side steps; add a low kick after 2nd side step
  10. Repeat #5; add tricep kickbacks
  11. Heel digs; add pushing arms in front of you
  12. Repeat #8; add 4 steps to the side + 1 low kick after each forward & back
  13. Repeat #11
  14. Repeat #10
  15. Alternate #13 & #14 doing 4 reps of each
  16. Step side to side w/ jumping jack arms
  17. Low hop w/ jump rope arms
  18. Repeat #16 & 17; keep alternating, doing 4 reps of each
  19. Repeat #6; bring arms out to sides at shoulder level with elbows bent and hands at shoulders, alternate pushing arms out to side
  20. Alternate tapping feet out behind you; add alternating bicep curls
  21. Repeat #19 with arms and #20; continue alternating #19 & 20
  22. March while pushing arms overhead

Mile 2 is 12 minutes. You need a resistance band for this walk.

  1. Mambo with one foot forward and back
  2. Mambo with one foot to the side and back
  3. Repeat 1 & 2
  4. Alternating knee lifts, bringing hands from hip to hip
  5. Wide squat and when you stand, twist torso to one side (keeping hips facing forward), alternate sides
  6. Repeat #3; start alternating one of each–one forward mambo + one side mambo
  7. Jog forward and back
  8. In wide stance, shuffle/hop side to side (boxer’s shuffle)
  9. Repeat 7 & 8 a few more times
  10. Side step side to side while clapping
  11. (grab band) Hold one end of band in each hand w/ arms extended in front of you at shoulder level with about 2 feet of band between your hands; add alternating knee raises (still holding band isometrically in same position); tap same side hand to outside of knee as it raises while raising other arm overhead
  12. Holding band in same position as #11, step side to side; stretch arms/band out wide and hold; add band pulses
  13. Hold band at hips with about 1 foot of band between each hand and tap toes out to side; add pushing hand/band out in front of you with one arm while keeping the other hand/band at waist, alternate arms
  14. Wrap band around back and under arms, still holding one end of band in each hand, elbows are bent and hands/band are held at shoulder level, push arms out straight to sides, bring hands together in front of you (arms straight), open arms out to side (a standing chest fly) then bend elbows so you are back to the starting position (march in place throughout)
  15. Band is in same position as #14 but arms/band are extended straight out to sides at shoulder level, pulse squat 4x then step one leg back into reverse lunge and pulse 4x (arms band are extended the entire time–it burns!)
  16. Repeat #11-13

Mile 3 is 14 minutes long. It is Leslie only–no background walkers. You need a resistance band for this walk.

  1. Double side steps; add a clap
  2. March forward 3 steps and back 3 steps with a clap
  3. Grapevine
  4. Boxer shuffle; turn to side and add a punch to the front
  5. Alternating low front kicks; add pushing arms in front of you
  6. Repeat #2
  7. Step side to side with a clap; clap changes to reaching arms overhead
  8. Repeat #4
  9. Hold one end of band in each hand, raise one arm overhead as an anchor and do tricep kickbacks with other arm
  10. Raise arms overhead with about 2 feet of band between hands, pull one arm down to side bringing elbow into side
  11. Wrap band around back and under arms, still holding one end of band in each hand and holding hands at chest level, do a chest press, pushing band out straight in front of you while stepping side to side
  12. Repeat #9 & 10
  13. Repeat #11 but instead of side steps you will squat
  14. Set band aside and march in pace while Leslie talks
  15. Step side to side
  16. March forward 3 steps and back 3 steps
  17. Heel digs
  18. Low alternating front kicks
  19. Double side steps
  20. 3 steps in place then tap foot out to side
  21. Repeat #15

8 thoughts on “3 Mega Miles

    1. I’m not sure how often I will return to Leslie’s walks–especially when I have Jessica’s. Even tho using the mute button is a good idea, I just never do that. I like my workout DVDs to be the full package–great trainer, great workout, great music. But who knows when I might need to return to the basics again?


  1. Yes, Leslie is an acquired taste. I use her walks–in addition to my regular daily workouts–just to get to my daily step goal, as Jennifer pointed out. I think Leslie is quite sweet (although I do agree about that laugh!), but the repetition from workout to workout will probably drive you nuts! From what I’ve seen, her walks have not changed in over 25 years, although having said that, I am used to her and she doesn’t really bother me. I just wish she would add a bit more variety, or better music or something!! This year, one of my goals was to add one daily 15-minute walk to my routine (for extra steps) and I mostly use her walks because they are so readily available and easy to do–can you imagine? I’ve been doing this daily since January 1st. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It is a great way to add steps to your day! I used to do that with Jessica’s walking workouts when I could do more intense/high impact workouts. I still did Jessica’s walks for some additional steps and light cardio. I can see using Leslie’s walks for the same thing. And she is really sweet to her walking crew but sometimes that sweetness seems more like a way to fill the silence because she is running out of things to say and doesn’t want to do a silent walk. And I agree about the repetition but it also doesn’t bother me either (yet!). I can pump all of those moves up without adding any impact (which I can’t do right now), so I have no problem with it.


  2. When I do Leslie it’s usually her YouTube walks. I put her on my iPhone or IPad low volume, I put on a tv show and walk, walk, walk. I find this much more enjoyable. But I’m usually doing this to meet my step goal.

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    1. Good suggestion. I did a Leslie walk this morning and I actually got a pretty good steady state cardio workout (with my weighted vest, gloves and adding my own additional arm movements)–mute her and add my own music and it might actually be enjoyable. I don’t need complicated moves.


  3. I’ve used Leslie’s workouts in the past when I needed to and I found that her moves tend to be so simple and repetitive (unless something has changed) that you can mute her volume and play old BeeGees tunes or something danceworthy. That’s the only way I was able to get through them.

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    1. Thanks for the tip TrekkieLianne. I will definitely try that if I return to them. And they do seem like walks I would like to do again if not for Leslie’s voice/talking/laugh.


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