Walking for Weight Loss, Wellness & Energy

Another walking DVD from Jessica Smith! Hard to believe I do not own them all but there are still a few more out there I don’t own. This is another addition to to my collection. Walking for Weight Loss, Wellness & Energy contains two approx. 30 minute cardio walks plus a warm up and cool down. Oddly, this is not part of her Walk On series.

Jessica’s mother isn’t present for this workout. She has two other background exercisers, Asha (who was also in Total Body Balance) and Asha’s mother, Andrea. Andrea is doing the beginner modifications and Asha does the more advanced versions of the moves. The setting of the walk seems familiar to me from several of Jessica’s other workouts, but filmed at a different angle. But I could be wrong. They are doing the walks on sand but they have circular pads on the ground that they are walking on. Behind them is a white patio and house with French doors and white lawn furniture.

I thought both walks had good music, with a great, motivating beat for cardio. If you choose “Play all” and do everything, the workout is 72:30 minutes. The warm up is 5:30 minutes and the cool down is 6:30 minutes. The first time I did this, I chose Play All. I wore a 4 pound weighted vest and 1 pound weighted gloves. It was not the most intense cardio walk I’ve ever done, even with the weighted extras; however, I did enjoy it. I burned 450 calories in 72:30 minutes.

Below is break down of the two cardio walks.

High Energy Walk is 30 minutes. This was a pretty low intensity walk. I barely broke a sweat even wearing the weighted vest and weighted gloves, and following Asha for the more advanced versions of the moves. But I got my steps in, right? And I did enjoy it. Asha’s “more advanced” versions of the exercises were just level changes–meaning you bend your knees more, doing partial squats with a lot of the moves.

  1. Alternate reaching arms overhead then pulling them back down to shoulder level while continuing to march in place
  2. March forward and back
  3. Repeat #1
  4. Double side steps
  5. Repeat #1 but this time reach both arms overhead at the same time
  6. March backwards then forwards
  7. Repeat #5
  8. Repeat #4
  9. March in place (music changes to a Latin beat so Jessica wants you to add more hips to your march)
  10. Walk forward 4 steps while tapping one foot out to side with each step then take 4 regular steps back
  11. Walk 4 steps forward but on a diagonal while reaching arms overhead then take 4 steps back while lowering arms
  12. Repeat 10 & 11
  13. Wide march in place; turn in a circle while continuing to march
  14. Repeat 12 & 13
  15. Repeat #4; add opening and closing arms w/ flexed hands (like a chest fly)
  16. March in place while doing tricep press backs + bicep curls
  17. Repeat 15 & 16
  18. Stand stationary with feet hip width apart and alternate toe raises/taps; add running man arms
  19. Step forward and back with same foot
  20. Step one foot out to side then cross it back behind other foot
  21. Repeat 19 & 20
  22. March in place while doing “lasso” arms overhead; add directional change
  23. While still facing to the side, step side to side while clapping hands
  24. Repeat 22 & 23
  25. Repeat 19-21
  26. Repeat 22-24
  27. Repeat 25 several more times
  28. Double side steps; add pushing both arms out to side
  29. V steps
  30. Repeat 28 & 29
  31. March forward and back; add raising arms overhead as you march forward and lowering arms as you march back
  32. March in place; continue marching in place but face the side; repeat #31 (still facing side)
  33. Repeat 32 facing other direction
  34. Step tap side to side

Power Walk is 30:30 minutes. This walk is definitely more intense then High Energy Walk (above). Jessica throws in a lot of higher intensity intervals. I am limited to low impact right now so I could not follow Asha’s advanced versions of the intervals. In this workout, Asha added impact to increase the intensity of the intervals. Jessica and Andrea just moved their arms faster during the intervals. Andrea did easier versions of the moves by never reaching her arms overhead (modified versions of the arm movements). Since I was wearing weighted gloves, this workout actually started burning my shoulders out! If you can follow Asha then this will be a much more intense workout for you. But even low impact (and wearing a weighted vest and weighted gloves) I got a good workout. I never hit my peak heart rate (according to my FitBit) but it was a good steady state cardio workout.

  1. March in place; add “elliptical” arms (alternate pushing arms out in front of you); changes to punching the arms overhead; Asha’s march changes to a jog
  2. Alternate tapping feet out to side (low jacks); add tricep kickbacks
  3. Repeat #1 & 2
  4. Marching in place, pushing arms straight in front of you then pull them back to ribs; changes to reaching arms overhead then pulling arms down to ribs; Asha’s march changes to a jog
  5. March forward and back
  6. Repeat #4
  7. Double side steps
  8. While marching in place, bring arms out straight in front of you with palms facing down, then sweep arms behind you, keeping arms straight and turning palms to face the side walls; arms change to reaching them overhead (jumping jack arms); Asha adds butt kick runs
  9. Repeat #7 & 8
  10. March forward and back
  11. While marching in place, punch both arms straight in front of you then pull them back to ribs; changes to punching arms overhead and pulling them back down to ribs; Asha adds jumping jack feet
  12. Repeat #10 & 11
  13. Stand stationary with feet hip width apart and alternate toe raises/taps w/ running man arms
  14. V steps forward; changes to reverse V steps; changes 4 forward V steps + 4 reverse V steps
  15. Repeat #8
  16. 4 reverse V steps + 4 front V steps
  17. Repeat #8
  18. Step tap side to side; changes to moving forward and back while still stepping side to side
  19. Low jacks pushing arms out in front of you; changes to reaching arms overhead while still low jacking feet; Asha does full jack feet
  20. Repeat #18 & 19
  21. Double side steps; add pushing arms down to side you are stepping
  22. Repeat #11 except Asha adds jogging rather than jack feet
  23. Step w/ low alternating front kicks; alternate reaching one arm overhead; changes to reaching one arm toward kicking foot; keep alternating the two arm movements while continuing the low front kicks
  24. Repeat #22
  25. Repeat #21
  26. Repeat #23

4 thoughts on “Walking for Weight Loss, Wellness & Energy

  1. Up to the Beat Fit is good too. She has some different walking workouts (80s, dance, etc). She is fun but not over talkative or annoying

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for the recommendation. I only previewed one of her cardio walks but I really liked it! I liked the music and she uses some intense moves (well, more intense than Leslie)!


  2. Glad to see you are doing much better. I found this lady out on Youtube (AngieFitnessTV). She has a variety of workouts and some you may be able to do during this transitional period. Take Care and Love the new look!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for the tip! I just checked her out–more walking workouts! I checked out her arm toning power walk–looks perfect for my current limitations. I will have to work that one into my rotation–thanks!


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