Marching with Moves

Marching with Moves is a 30 minute cardio workout from Jenny Ford. This workout is just Jenny–no background exercisers. This is not a high intensity cardio walk but it helped me get in some extra steps today and burn some calories which was all I was looking for. This walk has some impact in it but Jenny does everything low impact first, so if you want to keep it low impact, just don’t kick the move up to the high impact version. Another good cardio walk from Jenny Ford.

Marching with Moves is 30 minutes; 5 minute warm up (warm up is side step variations and step squats) and 4 minute stretch. You will march in place and/or march forward and back between each move.

  1. With legs wide and stationary, alternate toe taps; rotate torso to side so you are now lunging side to side while reaching arm across body toward opposite side; changes to reaching arm overhead while still lunging; arms change to double arm bicep curls
  2. Double step touch to side while also raising and lowering arms out straight to side; after every 3rd double side step do one step out squat
  3. High knee run for 30 seconds
  4. Hamstring curls; changes to double hamstring curls each leg; changes to 4 hamstring curls each leg
  5. Double hamstring curls, alternate sides 6x + 4 single hamstring curls with hops
  6. Double sides steps; changes to grapevines; add a hamstring curl to the end of the grapevine
  7. Repeat #5 & 6
  8. High knee run for 30 seconds
  9. Repeat 5 & 6
  10. Hamstring curls with hops for 30 seconds
  11. March wide for 8 counts then narrow for 8 counts, keep alternating wide to narrow; continue but only do 4 of each; reduce to 2 of each
  12. March forward then step out wide then narrow (singles) 3x, march back and repeat the 3 marches out and in
  13. With legs wide, alternate toe taps; add alternating arm reaches overhead/to side; changes to reaching both arms overhead
  14. Repeat #12
  15. Alternating front kicks while also punching alternating arms in front of you; changes to 4 front kick/punches + march in place 8x; changes to traveling forward when kicking/punching and traveling back when marching; alternating kicks change to a hop kick that looks like a skip
  16. Alternating wide knee raises while raising both arms overhead then bringing both hands down to the knee as it raises
  17. 4 alternating knee raises + march in place 8x; add traveling forward with knee raise (also add a hop to knee raise) and traveling back when marching
  18. Repeat #12
  19. Repeat the traveling portions of #15 and #17
  20. High knee run for 30 seconds

For more info on Jenny Ford‘s YouTube workouts and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page


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