JessicaSmithTV: Flat Abs Walk

Flat Abs Walk is another excellent steady state cardio walk from Jessica Smith. I really enjoyed it. It is entirely low impact; in fact Jessica is barefoot. I love the way Jessica finds ways to give you more than just cardio in her cardio walks. She works your core and the final exercise (#23) I started feeling the burn in my lower body, too. We didn’t get much Peanut in this workout. She appeared near the end but didn’t stay for long.

Flat Abs Walk is 40 minutes; 2:45 minute warm up and 2 minute stretch. You will march in place between each move. There are arm movements with most of the moves even if I don’t mention them

  1. Alternating knee raises; add reaching one arm overhead and bringing elbow down to tap opposite knee
  2. March forward and back; add reaching arms overhead while walking forward and pulling arms down when walking back
  3. While marching in place, clasp hands together and cross chop clasped hands from hip to hip; add circling clasped hands overhead between cross chops
  4. Knee raise + side step; add arm pulls to the side; changes to reaching arms overhead and pulling them down
  5. Repeat #3
  6. Double side steps; with elbows bent and kept close to waist, fists near shoulders, twist torso/arms to side you are stepping; add punching one arm down and across in the direction you are side stepping
  7. March forward and back
  8. Alternating side taps (low jack legs); add punching opposite arm down across body; side taps change to front taps; alternate between the two tap variations, reducing the amount of reps until you are doing two reps of each
  9. Step feet out wide then back in; with elbows bent and kept close to waist, fists near shoulders, twist torso/arms side to side
  10. Stand with all your weight on one leg, raise one arm overhead and raise same side knee, pulling elbow of raised arm down to tap knee
  11. Repeat #9
  12. Repeat #10 on other side of body
  13. Repeat #7
  14. Alternate tapping feet behind you; hold arms out to side of body with elbows bent and palms facing the floor, add chest flys with arms in this position, crunching abs when elbows come together
  15. Repeat #1
  16. Repeat #14
  17. Alternating knee raises but cross the knee across other leg when you raise it; add reaching one arm overhead and bringing elbow down to tap opposite knee
  18. Step back then step back to start; this changes to a box step; add punching arms overhead then down
  19. Tap one leg out to side then cross foot in front of stationary leg and tap the floor, move is done slow then fast with running man arms
  20. While marching in place, raise arms overhead with palms facing your face then open arms straight out to sides of body in T, then bend elbows, bringing them in to ribs to raise again; changes to rotating torso to side when lowering arms in T, alternate sides; keep torso facing one side with arms extended out in T and bend and extend elbows
  21. Repeat #19 on other leg
  22. Knee raise then step back, keep repeating on same leg (Jessica calls it a ball change when you step back); place hands behind head and add a crunch with upper body when you raise the knee
  23. Step out into a wide partial squat then cross leg behind you into a shallow curtsy lunge; add reaching arms down toward foot when squatting and reaching arms overhead and to the side when curtsy lunging (and going deeper into squat and lunge)

For more info on JessicaSmithTV and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


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