Power Walk the Pounds off 90s Style

Power Walk the Pounds off 90s Style is another fun low impact cardio walk from Gina B. I love her little workouts. They are not super intense but they are a great way to get in some steps and break a mild sweat. When I do them, I do them as a doubles workout (second workout of the day after work) to add some additional movement to my day. The best part–the music is great. The steps are easy to learn but fun to do. Tomorrow I am going to do her 80s music power walk.

This workout does not have a warm up or cool down/stretch but no worries. Gina B has a 6 minute warm up and a 6 minute cool down/stretch which I added on to this to give me a 25 minute walk. In that 25 minutes I burned 200 calories. Not bad for what seemed like an easy (but fun) walk.

Power Walk the Pounds off 90s Style is 13 minutes (actually 13:55 but the last 45 seconds is Gina talking). Gina is marching in place between every move. Each move is repeated multiple times but I only list them the first time they appear. They also all have arm movements, even of they aren’t mentioned in the breakdown. I stopped writing in the arm movements because each time the song changes, even if the steps remain the same, the arm movements change.

  1. Double taps to each side while punching arms out in opposite direction
  2. March forward and back; add pushing arms forward and overhead
  3. Walk to side 3 steps + 2 side to side steps
  4. Alternating tap outs while punching same side arm down
  5. Alternating double knee raise
  6. Alternating front heel digs
  7. Alternating tap backs
  8. Front cross step + triple step to change sides
  9. Step side to side while pushing arms in front of you
  10. Double side steps punching arms to side in the direction you’re stepping

For more info on Gina B‘s YouTube workouts and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


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