JessicaSmithTV: Wake Up & Walk

Wake Up & Walk is a 20 minute low impact cardio walk from Jessica Smith. I started with Jessica’s 1 Mile Turkey Trot and finished off my 30 minutes with this walk. I wore my 10 pound weighted belt and weighted gloves to increase the intensity. I really enjoyed this combo and they worked really well together for my doubles workout. We get Peanut too, of course. She has a bone to chew.

Wake Up & Walk is 20:30 minutes; 2 minute warm up and 1:30 minute cool down. You are marching in place between every move. There are arm movements with most moves even if they aren’t mentioned. This is an entirely low impact workout.

  1. Lateral skater taps; with arms bent, add twisting elbows/shoulders side to side as you tap
  2. March forward 4 steps and back 4 steps
  3. Alternate tapping toes out to side (low jack legs); add bent arm side raises
  4. Alternating knee lifts to the front; add pushing arms overhead; add traveling forward and back 4 steps
  5. Alternate tapping toes out to side (low jack legs); clasp hands on front of chest, elbows bent, and twist arms/shoulders side to side as you tap; changes to chopping elbows hip to hip
  6. Hamstring curls; add high rowing arms
  7. Double side steps; add a tap after 2nd step while also twisting elbow down toward knee when you tap; tap changes to a cross knee raise, tapping opposite elbow to knee; add reaching arms overhead and pulling them down to knee as it raises
  8. Low alternating cross kicks to the front
  9. While marching in place, extend arms straight out to side in a T and rotate arms in small circles
  10. Step tap side to side; circle arms/hands hip to hip; add arcing arms overhead, still bringing hands hip to hip
  11. Hamstring curls; add traveling forward and back
  12. Repeat #10
  13. Alternate tapping toes out to side (low jack legs); add traveling forward and back; add bent arm side raises
  14. While marching in place, raise one arm overhead then press same arm out to side, alternate arms; changes to reaching both arms overhead
  15. Alternating wide knee raises while twisting shoulder and bringing opposite elbow toward knee as it raises
  16. Double side steps; second step becomes a cross tap back; add circling arms in the middle and doing bicep curls to the side; double side step changes to a shuffle
  17. March forward and back
  18. Alternating heel digs to front; add pushing arms out in front of chest
  19. Alternating knee lifts to the front; add raising opposite arm overhead as knee lifts; add traveling forward and back
  20. Step out wide then back in narrow; add a partial squat when stepping out wide

For more info on JessicaSmithTV and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


3 thoughts on “JessicaSmithTV: Wake Up & Walk

  1. Hey there again. Just like with the Linda Woolridge comment I just left, Jessica’s youtube channel overwhelms me too.

    Unfortunately my library and library system has zero Jessica Smith DVDs so I can’t preview them/use them and then purchase the ones I like. So I’d love to know what are some of your most favorite for-purchase Jessica walking/cardio videos — I trust your expert opinion.

    I used to do Walk to the HIITS Radio Remixes by Leslie Sansone — initially I really really liked it, but I suppose because I did it day after day for a couple of months I got tired of it. I borrowed several Leslie DVDs out from my library (some new, some old) but wasn’t impressed with any of them. As you’ve said before, her videos really haven’t changed much over the years and folks either love or hate her personality.

    Getting back to Jessica, I’d love to do a walking/cardio type workout where the movements are intentional. With Leslie I just feel like I’m bouncing around but not really doing anything or challenging my muscles. Even if it’s a walking workout I still want to move with intention and purpose and “work-out” muscle groups or something.

    I don’t think I’m looking for anything high impact as sometimes one of my ankles gives me a little bit of trouble.

    Thank you.

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    1. I love Jessica’s walking workouts. They got me through cancer treatment and I agree–her moves are intentional. I felt like I was still getting great workouts with her. I love the majority of her workouts that I own but if you want some great walking workouts, my favorite is her Walk the Weight Off program ( which also contains strength walks and other bonus content. But if you prefer individual DVDs my two favorites are 6 Mile Mix ( and 4 Mile Power Walk ( (the latter because I LOVE Mile 4–don’t know what it is about that mile but it is my favorite Jessica walk). If you want a single DVD that is cardio + strength workouts but low impact then Metabolism Booster ( is a must. I love that one, too.


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