JessicaSmithTV: 1 Mile Power Walk

1 Mile Power Walk is a low impact cardio walk from Jessica Smith. Today I did it as my doubles workout. I did Jessica’s 1 Mile Fast Interval Walk first then followed it up with this one. Since this walk is less intense than 1 Mile Fast Interval Walk, I wore my 10 pound weighted belt. Between the two workouts I burned 300 calories. So overall, the two walks combined gave me great little doubles workout.

Peanut is super cute in this walk. She is awake and playing with her bone, then playing behind the door curtain. Then she drags her bed onto Jessica’s circular workout mat to start tearing up. What a cutie!

1 Mile Power Walk is 20 minutes; no warm up and 1:30 minute cool down. The final minute is just Jessica talking. You are marching in place between every move. There are arm motions with most of the moves even if not mentioned. This walk is entirely low impact.

  1. March in place; add reaching arms overhead then bring hands to shoulders
  2. Step tap side to side
  3. Double side steps
  4. With legs wide and stationary, do alternating to taps
  5. Hamstring curls; add pushing arms out in front of chest
  6. March in place and do 2 overhead reaches + 2 tricep press backs; add traveling forward and back
  7. Alternating front heel digs; hold arms out straight to sides in a T then bring arms together in front of chest then back out to T
  8. Lateral skater taps; add bicep curls
  9. March forward and back
  10. Alternating front knee lifts; add reaching arms overhead
  11. Lower into a partial squat and step tap side to side; add swinging arms side to side
  12. Angle body diagonally and step forward and back; add pushing arms forward and back
  13. Alternating low front kicks; add reaching alternating arms overhead
  14. Stand stationary and alternate toe taps w/ running man arms
  15. Repeat #12 facing opposite direction
  16. Repeat #13
  17. Wide stance alternating knee lifts while twisting opposite elbow toward knee; add reaching arms overhead between twists
  18. Double knee lifts, alternate sides; add reaching arms overhead and pulling them down to knee as it lifts
  19. Repeat #17
  20. March forward + march in place while reaching arms overhead 2x + march back + march in place while doing 2 tricep press backs
  21. March in place with tricep press backs; changes to reaching arms overhead then down into tricep press back
  22. Step tap side to side
  23. Double side steps; clasp hands together and do cross chops in the direction you are traveling
  24. Repeat #22
  25. Lateral skater taps swinging straight arms side to side
  26. Low cross over kicks

For more info on JessicaSmithTV and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


4 thoughts on “JessicaSmithTV: 1 Mile Power Walk

  1. Hey, you might look into March Across America with Jenny Ford. It’s available thru Amazon Prime (streaming). She does these walking workouts in various states (pretty backgrounds).


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