Cathe Live: Cardio Kickboxing, Low Impact HIIT and Abs

#287 Cardio Kickboxing, Low Impact HIIT and Abs is an excellent and fun low impact workout. It is primarily low impact cardio. There is some hopping but if you want zero impact it is easy to modify. Plus, there are several class members who are modifying to no impact so you can follow them as well. I only have a few more weeks of Cathe Live left and I had already mapped out all of my Cathe Live workouts until the very last day of my subscription. Then Cathe creates a workout like this one. I had to swap this with another workout so that I could do this one before my Cathe Live time is up. It looked too good to pass up and I felt certain I would love it. And I did! This is another Live workout that is going on my To Buy list.

The first 22:30 minutes of this workout is cardio boxing. Then you remove the gloves for 3:45 minutes of kick drills–front kicks, back kicks, side kicks and sumo squats + side kicks. Next is 10:30 minutes of low impact cardio HIITs. Then you do a 1 minute cool down before hitting the mat for 8:30 minutes of core. This workout was not HIIT level intensity for me, but it was still a very solid cardio workout. You can do Cathe’s live workouts by subscribing to her streaming site or purchasing the individual downloads. Here is a video clip of this workout.

Cardio Kickboxing, Low Impact HIIT and Abs is 51:30 minutes; 27:30 minute cardio kickboxing, 10:30 minute low impact HIIT, 8:30 minutes core and 2:30 minute stretch. Like many of Cathe’s live kickboxing workouts, I am not sure when the warm up ends since it is all low impact boxing, too. Equipment: boxing or weighted gloves and a fitness mat.

Low Impact HIIT (10:30 minutes; starts at 27:45):

  1. Pull and Pound (in stationary lunge do low impact lunge hops–heels raise but not toes–while pulling both arms down overhead and punching down with one arm)
  2. Wide sumo squat hop, hop/pivot to side into lunge while punching one arm to side, hop/pivot back to sumo squat then hop/pivot into lunge in the other direction, punching other arm to side, continue to alternate sides with a sumo hop between each side
  3. 4 hop squats (toes forward) + 4 sumo hop squats (toes turned out); changes to 2 of each; changes to singles–alternating the two foot positions
  4. Hammer down knee smash (front lunge while hammering fist and forearm down then stand and do a knee lift, pulling arms down from overhead to knee as it raises)
  5. Windmills (3 pendulum squat hop-steps then step into squat tap=1 rep)
  6. Line taps (sumo squat hop side to side reaching one hand toward ground between legs)
  7. Attacks (sumo squat hops with hands clasped, bringing clasped hands from overhead down between thighs with each hop)
  8. Galloping jacks
  9. Alternating side lunges, reaching both hands to ground when in lunge, shuffle hop reaching arms overhead when changing to other side
  10. Squat digs (hops with legs together, reaching arms overhead and pulling them down)
  11. Puddle jumpers (wide steps side to side in partial squat); changes to lateral skaters

Core (8:30 minutes; starts at 40:00):

  1. Roll downs with a hold (start sitting with legs extended and arms reached overhead, roll down a little and hold for 4 counts, roll down a little more and hold for 4 counts, roll down a little more and hold for 4, roll the rest of the way down so you are flat on the mat then roll back up to start)
  2. Start laying on mat, shoulders and head raised, arms extended overhead, legs extended straight a few inches off the floor, raise torso while pulling knees into chest and bringing arms beside legs, alternate between these two positions
  3. Lay on back, legs extended straight with one heel setting on toe of opposite foot, hands are behind head, do basic crunches in this position; extend top leg to ceiling, keeping leg straight, and continue basic crunches
  4. Still laying on back, one leg is extended straight a few inches off the ground, other leg is extended straight to ceiling, head/shoulders are raised and arms are reaching along side, from this position, pulse/crunch up once, then twice, then 3 times, then 4 times
  5. Repeat 3 & 4 on other side
  6. Roll onto one hip, legs straight and extended on a diagonal, bottom hand is on mat for support, raise and lower straight legs from this position
  7. W Plank (in straight arm plank, bring foot up to outside of same side hand then bring same foot up under body, knee toward chest, alternate sides so you are drawing a W with your legs)
  8. Supermans with arms in goal post; place both hands under chin while continuing to raise and lower legs and chest; extend arms straight in front of you and continue raising and lowering in traditional superman

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