Barlates: Beginner Intervals Cardio Sculpt

I was very excited when Linda Wooldridge posted her Beginner Intervals workouts (she has posted two now). She posted this one on March 12 which was 3 days after my mastectomy–so it was a perfect workout for me. Not immediately but perfect for when I could start working out again. I have already started exercising but today I started using hand weights again! Nothing like what I normally do, but this morning I did Cathe‘s Turbo Barre using 4 pound dumbbells and after lunch I did Barlates: Beginner Intervals Cardio Sculpt (this workout) using 2 pound dumbbells. No arm problems at all–so I am super psyched!

Beginner Intervals Cardio Sculpt is one of the wonderful free YouTube workouts Linda creates and shares. I’m not going to lie–this wasn’t a challenging workout but it was a good, solid cardio workout and it was a lot of fun. There is some jumping in it though Linda shows no impact modifications for everything. But even the jumping is low impact and I was able to do it without any problems. So far she has posted another Beginner Intervals workout which I plan to also try this week, so stay tuned!

Beginner Intervals Cardio Sculpt is 21 minutes long; 1:30 minute intro and 1:30 minute stretch. Equipment: light hand weights (Linda is using 1 pound hand weights and I used 2 pound hand weights). Linda says that if you are an advanced exerciser who wants to bring this workout up to intermediate level (for a lighter workout) add ankle weights and use heavier dumbbells. The structure of the workout is 30 seconds of work with 10 seconds of rest. Linda does given even easier versions of the exercises if you are a true beginner.

  1. Squats w/ bicep curls
  2. 2 plie squats + 4 plie squat pulses (bicep curl arms)
  3. Hop step to side, back to center, to other side, back to center (row arms back)
  4. One full jumping jack + 2 low jacks
  5. Alternating side kicks w/ side punches (narrow squat between side kicks)
  6. Jogging/hopping V step forward and back
  7. Kick forward and back w/ same leg, punching arms forward and back
  8. Repeat #7 on other leg
  9. Wide squat to side then jump feet back together, alternate sides (open arms to sides when squatting to side)
  10. Knee drives, pulling arms from overhead to sides
  11. Repeat #10 on other leg
  12. In wide plie squat w/ bent arms at side, alternate tapping elbow to thighs 4x then raise knee, tapping thigh to elbow once each leg
  13. In wide plie squats, 4 front punches + 4 upper cuts
  14. Jump forward into wide squat, jump back, jump to side, jump to center, jump to other side, jump to center
  15. One arm speed back while “prancing” (little jumps)
  16. Repeat #15 on other arm
  17. Alternating side lunges w/ jump between them (reach opposite hand toward foot when lunging)
  18. Alternating crescent knees w/ wide squat between each crescent knee
  19. In down dog, keep raising and lowering one straight leg to ceiling
  20. On all 4s, kick bent leg up to ceiling behind you then raise bent leg out to side (hydrant), alternate between these two moves
  21. Lay on side, raise straight leg to ceiling then swing straight leg in front of you, alternate between these two moves
  22. Repeat #19-21 on other leg
  23. Full sit ups, bringing hands to ankles at top (knees bent, feet on floor at top of sit up) and when you lower, straighten legs

For more info on Barlates and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


9 thoughts on “Barlates: Beginner Intervals Cardio Sculpt

      1. What a coincidence! Those are the same two that get me through the rough times!
        We all get them in life. It’s how we deal with them that count.

        Take care 😀

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