Barlates: Beginner Intervals: Ramp It Up

Beginner Intervals: Ramp It Up is the fourth workout in Linda Wooldridge‘s Beginner Interval series. The other 3 workouts are Old School Aerobics, Compound Moves and Cardio Sculpt. I love all of these workouts but I think Old School Aerobics is still my favorite. Ramp It Up, as indicated by the title, is a bit more advanced than the preceding 3 Beginner Interval workouts. However, throughout the workout Linda tells you how to make it easier. Also, throughout the stretch she talks even more about how to build up to the level of this workout. So if you really are a beginner, you probably want to start with the other 3 Beginner Intervals workouts and work your way up to this one. This workout builds compound moves and really challenges your balance. I had to use a chair for balance for several of the moves. I still got a great cardio workout. It is low impact, but it will really get your heart rate elevated and work your lower body nicely. All 4 workouts are also available together on a single DVD: Beginner Intervals.

Beginner Intervals: Ramp It Up is 21:30 minutes long; 1 minute intro and 3 minute stretch. Linda is using 1kg hand weights; I used 3 pound dumbbells. Optional: a chair for balance (I used a chair for some of the moves).The structure of the workout is 30 seconds of work with 10 seconds of rest. Linda does give even easier versions of the exercises if you are a true beginner. There are arm movements with all of the exercises even if I don’t mention them in the break down.

  1. Reverse lunge w/ bicep curl + narrow squat
  2. Reverse lunge into front kick + narrow squat (bicep curl w/ reverse lunge and kick)
  3. Reverse lunge, raise bent leg behind you (as if kicking butt), lower back to lunge, front kick + narrow squat (bicep curls, too)
  4. Repeat 1-3 on other leg
  5. Curtsy lunge +  squat (alternating bicep curls)
  6. Curtsy lunge + side bent leg raise + squat (w/ bicep curls)
  7. Same as #6 but side bent leg raise changes to side straight leg raise
  8. Repeat 5-7 on other leg
  9. Front curtsy lunge + back curtsy lunge
  10. Back curtsy lunge + raise leg + front curtsy lunge
  11. Back curtsy lunge + back raise leg + front curtsy lunge + front leg raise
  12. Repeat 9-11 on other leg
  13. Hinge at the waist, holding ends of weights and using them as “blocks” since your hands will not reach the ground, bring one knee in then kick it out behind you
  14. Do #13 then stand and raise knee
  15. Repeat #14 but instead of knee raise do a front kick
  16. Repeat 13-15 on other leg
  17. Alternating side lunges w/ a narrow squat between each lunge

For more info on Barlates and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


4 thoughts on “Barlates: Beginner Intervals: Ramp It Up

  1. Glad to know they are on DVD. Off to order it now. I have been doing them on YouTube.. but love to support Linda, she gives so much away for free!!! Thank you.

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