The Firm: Bootcamp Maximum Calorie Burn

Bootcamp Maximum Calorie Burn is a 51 minute cardio + strength Firm workout led by Alison Davis. 8:30 minute warm up, 38 minute training period and 4:30 cool down. The training period includes 5:30 minutes of abdominal work. 

I really enjoy this workout and yet I never do it. I remembered there was a reason, so I popped it in today and now I remember! Though this is a cardio + strength workout, the strength is… miniscule and insufficient. Even though I enjoyed it, it didn’t meet my strength workout needs, so I never did the workout. It is better used as a cardio workout. Which is what I needed it for anyway (my strength work is currently being done via Body Revolution), so I used light weights—7 and 10 pound hand weights (7 pounds for the majority of the moves—a 10 pound weight for back exercises). If used as a cardio workout, it is a great intermediate level-recovery workout. 

Bootcamp Maximum Calorie Burn is broken down into 6 circuits that alternate—three “plyo” circuits and three cardio circuits. The plyo circuits actually alternate plyometric bursts with strength work. The cardio circuits are all cardio. The warm up is surprisingly long for a Firm workout—but it does get the heart rate up there. Still I would have liked to move into the higher intensity cardio of the workout sooner. The other nitpick I have about this workout is the editing and one of the background exercisers. Sue Mi does beginner modifications. I’m not a fan of Sue Mi—she has only led one Firm workout that I’m aware of and, even though I own it, it is one of the worst Firms out there. Now, I have no interest in beginner modifications, but good for them for showing them. But sometimes, when a new move is introduced, or a move changes—the camera is on Sue Mi only! And she seems very hesitant and off count! I need to see Alison or Allie (Allie is the other background exerciser) to get the moves right and to stay on count! Other than that, it’s well done. Alison’s cueing is always great and she’s a great Firm lead. 

Like I said earlier, do not rely on this workout for a good strength workout. The strength circuits are short, with few reps. I’ll admit, I could have gotten a better/more intense workout had I gone heavier with the weights, but Body Revolution currently has me doing strength work four times a week, so I really didn’t want to mess with that. Plus, the strength work is inadequate. In the past I did go heavier, and even though it made the overall workout more intense, it was still insufficient strength work. The best strength segment was the push up segment. You alternate between tricep and regular pushups. If you are on your toes for those (the regular pushups at least—tricep push ups are challenging even on the knees), that’s a nice little strength segment. The plyo moves are side-to-side ski jumps (pretty low impact for a “plyo move” actually), jump lunges and squat thrusts (burpees).Throughout the rest of the workout there are some athletic moves, some kickboxing moves and some aerobic moves. It’s a nice mix. The ab work is decent at 5:30 minutes. The first half is standing abs with a hand weight and the second half is on the ground–no weights.

To summarize, though this is a cardio + strength workout, it works best as an intermediate/recovery cardio workout. And contrary to the title, you will not get “maximum” calorie burn. A better title would be “decent” calorie burn. But an enjoyable workout!

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