Cathe Live: Time to HIIT It Low Impact

#247 Time to HIIT It Low Impact an excellent and fun low impact cardio workout. It is made up of 27 low impact drills. I loved it and I will definitely be buying this download. Like the majority of Cathe‘s “low impact” workouts, this has some impact but it is not high impact and no plyometrics. But there is a lot of hopping. You can, of course, omit all of the hopping and make it entirely low impact. It is not super intense but I still burned 300 calories in 38 minutes and was in my peak heart rate zone 9 of those minutes (according to my FitBit). So it is still good cardio–for me at least. Cathe points out during this workout that you can make it as intense as you want by modifying moves to make them easier or add more impact to make them more difficult. And of course you can also use heavier dumbbells to increase the intensity.

Cathe points out that one of the exercisers (Jen) is always smiling. Jen is actually a background exerciser in a lot of Cathe’s DVD workouts and I have noticed that she is also in a lot of Cathe’s newer Live workouts–and she is always smiling! The woman never stops smiling! In fact, the screenshot used for this workout review features Jen–and she is smiling! I love to workout, too, but I rarely smile unless the trainer says something amusing. Of course, I also have Resting B*tch Face and Jen clearly does not! But I’m glad she does have RBF–her smile does brighten the view–and she always has great form!

You can do Cathe’s live workouts by subscribing to her streaming site or purchasing the individual downloads. Here is a video clip of this workout.

Time to HIIT It Low Impact is 38 minutes; 5 minute warm up and 4 minute cool down/stretch. Equipment: 8 pound dumbbells. I also used 10 pound dumbbells for a few of the exercises.

  1. Sprint shooters (stationary lunge hops, punching one arm down and overhead)
  2. 3 lateral shuffles + one sumo squat hop reaching hands to floor when squatting
  3. Squat digs (hops with legs together, reaching arms overhead and pulling them down)
  4. Stand with legs wide and one DB on floor between legs, squat and pick up DB with one hand and push overhead, squat and put DB back on floor, jack feet once and repeat, alternating which hand picks up DB
  5. Wide sumo squat hop, hop/pivot to side into lunge while punching one arm, hop/pivot back to sumo squat then hop/pivot into lunge in the other direction, punching other arm to side, continue to alternate sides with a sumo hop between each side
  6. Slam its (hop forward/to side into a sumo squat then step back, hop forward/to other side into sumo squat, continue alternating sides)
  7. Holding one DB in both hands, do marching sumo squats
  8. Puddle jumpers (wide and low side to side steps)
  9. Spiderman mountain climbers (alternate jumping one foot to outside of same side hand)
  10. Alternating reverse lunges, passing one DB to other hand under front thigh with each lunge
  11. Step out to side into wide sumo squat and do 3 sumo squat hops, alternate sides (also holding one 8# DB in both hands)
  12. Windmills (3 pendulum squat hop-steps then step into squat tap=1 rep)
  13. Fred Astaires (side to side lunges, staying low and reaching one hand toward opposite foot and other arm straight behind you, keep both arms straight throughout)
  14. Mountain climbers, angling toes toward opposite side of body
  15. 3 rope climbs + one attack (hop in wide plie squat with rope climber arms then pivot/hop to side into a lunge while slamming fist/forearm down)
  16. Squat + knee raise w/ woodchop DB to side, alternate sides with a squat between sides (one 8# DB)
  17. High to low reach lunges (lunge side to side reaching one arm across body high with one lunge and other arm reaches across body low when lunging in the opposite direction)
  18. Rowing forward lunges (holding one 8# DB in both hands, do alternating front lunges while rowing DB side to side)
  19. Sufer squat thrusts (jump back to plank, jump feet in/to side and come up into a squat, alternate sides)
  20. Apple pickers (with legs close together, hop, rotating body 45 degrees to side with each hop while reaching arms overhead and pulling them down)
  21. Uneven pulse squats (holding one 8# DB in one hand, lower into wide sumo squat, pulse squat 2x then hop to side passing DB to other hand; changes to 2 single hops side to side + one pulse squat 2x)
  22. Squat abductions (wide squats and when you come up, lift one leg straight to side, alternate sides, pushing arms overhead each time you lift one leg to side)
  23. Traveling bob and weave holding one 8# DB in both hands
  24. Diagonal front to back lunges
  25. Galloping low jacks
  26. High/low punches to side w/ hop squats
  27. Dynamic alternating side lunges (holding one 8# DB in both hands, do a side lunge, reaching DB toward towards foot then hop/step to other side pushing DB overhead)

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