AngieFitnessTV: Rock Solid Power Walk

Rock Solid Power Walk is one of AngieFitnessTV’s longer low impact cardio walks. This one is set up pyramid fashion; the intensity of the walk increases as the workout progresses. There are 7 songs and each song has a faster beats per minute so you will be marching faster each time the song changes–until the last 2 songs. The second to last song slows down to the same beats per minute as the first song, which serves as a warm up, so the second to last song serves as a cool down and the final song is the stretch. I wore an 8 pound vest, a 10 pound belt, 2.5 pound ankle weights (5 pounds total) and a 1 pound weighted glove on my right hand. My left hand had nothing due to shoulder surgery. I combined this walk with Angie’s 16 Minute Power Walk Using Light Hand Weights for a 57:30 minute cardio walk. The majority of the walk, even with all of the weighted things I was wearing to increase intensity, I was in the fat burn zone (62% according to my FitBit). I did get spikes into my cardio zone totaling 22 minutes. So this was a steady state cardio walk even with additional elements added to increase intensity. My total steps between the two walks was 5740.

I enjoy Angie’s workouts but they are very basic cardio walks. If you are looking for more intense cardio walks (that are also more varied), you need to check out trainers such as Jessica Smith. I am also doing her walks for cardio during my recovery from shoulder surgery and I cannot load myself down with all of the weighted implements like I can during Angie’s walks. I generally wear a 6-8 pound vest and a weighted glove on my right hand for Jessica’s walks and nothing else. And I still burn more calories. Just something to keep in mind. Jessica has plenty of DVD and free YouTube workouts.

Rock Solid Power Walk is 39:57 minutes; 1 minute intro and 4 cool down/stretch. Angie is wearing 1 pound weighted gloves. This is made up of basic cardio walking moves so I am not going to break it down but here are some of the moves that appear: basic march in place and variations on it including traveling and jogging, heel digs, mamba step, alternating knee raises, side steps, tap backs, long reach lunges, hamstring curls and cross taps. There are arm movements with most of the moves.

For more info on AngieFitnessTV and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


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